Love is the most beautiful feeling. Everything is perfect and beautiful when you are in love.

Glowing and flashing of lights, colorful surroundings, beautiful scene, and the people in love. They have not felt like this before. It feels like new. They feel that wonderful feeling again, to be with each other, being in love.

Disappointments does not really destroy a day, in fact, they can be your way to an exceptional experience. After an unfortunate event, a couple decided to go to a mall but not really a date just like one of the regular days in their life. It is maybe to get food or just enjoy the moment with each other. The place was crowded but it never interrupts them; the talks, giggling, laughing, and smiling was always there.

More and more talks and more laughter were shared until their stomach ache and need to be fed. They look for a good restaurant nearby to satisfy their appetite. But, the conversation never ends like they have never talked to each other before. There are so many memories to reminisce and happenings to talk about.

They are full and they need to relax a bit and get ready to end the day, they say. They went to the shore until a sudden flash of colorful lights synchronized with the thrilling sound of it. It feels like the time stops and the crowd is paralyzed. Everyone was amazed. Their smiling faces are everywhere.

It has been their first time to see like this, just the two of them. The moment was precious and the time was priceless. It feels like everything was perfect and beautiful, like the scene on a romantic movie where the guy proposes to her love with a stunning performance.

Love has never been good like this before. It looks like, it is planned. Everything was in order and the people act according to the script. But it was only the two of them, the scene, and their feelings for each other, love.

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