The strength and cruelty of love…it’s ability to tear us apart at the same time that it grants us hope…a brief musing on the effects of finding that "love to last the ages"

Love’s great power comes from it’s unending well of tenderness. It knows no bitter angst. It harbors no anger nor resentment. Even in the times of it’s greatest doubt and pain Love finds a way to make you smile. It refuses to focus on the darkness and negativity. It replays to you all the joy and laughter, all the hope and faith that it sparked within you.

Love inspires and grants within you a strength that you never knew existed. It inspires you to be more than you ever dreamed you could and it teaches you that sometimes you just can’t be enough. That your voice may not always carry through over the darkness and pain of another’s own pain and fear.

Love knows that in those times, the times when the chains that bind us simply cannot seem to be broken, we must often do the one thing we know will bring us our own undending pain. There are times when Love demands that you must let go. When despite your dreams and hopes and desire, you simply have to understand that you weren’t enough. That just because you found the Love to last the rest of your life…doesn’t mean that they did, too. And knowing that, knowing that to your “One” you’ll someday most likely be just another foggy memory…Well that’s where Love is both tender and cruel.

Because while you love and wish them nothing but the best and all the happiness that you know they truly deserve…you also know you’ll forever be left to wonder. To question. To pray and to plead. To reach out to that empty space beside you and then pull your hand back as you cry “Why couldn’t I have been your ‘One’, too?”

So therein lies the great cruelty of Love. It’s awesome power. It fills you with what you know will be a never ending hope at the exact same time that it leaves you sobbing and breathless with despair.

Because even as you try to let go…all that you really and truly want is for your “One” to reach out and hold you close forever.

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  • realityspeaks on Aug 18, 2012

    Excellent post. Very thoughtful perspective.

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