After my daughter’s birthday party she was opening her gifts. Her room was full of various kinds of gifts. She got glitter dresses, story books, school items, dolls and etc,. Special thing is she got lot of dolls in her gift packs. During this doll there was a totally different doll. It was a Ventriloquist doll. It is very special. Those kinds of dolls are made by very soft and flexible cloths. Pink color fabrics are mainly used for female dolls. There are blue color bright eyes and gold color long hair on my daughter’s doll.

Its eye brows are blinking. And its face is most similar to my kid’s face. She also was most happy by having this one. When she went to sleep with me she was nestle the doll and asked me how to make a doll like this. I explain her as my knowledge.

Alright my little daughter listen. First we have to select some knitted fabrics by most like colors. And we must have fusing also. If not the fabric is not heavy to bear all the things. After that we have to lay it down this both two fabrics in together on a table. Then we have to draw on the fabric pattern of doll’s parts like head, hands and fingers. Then have to cut those parts carefully. Now is the important part. We must saw these parts to create their shapes. Now is the time to give it face parts like mouth. We can stick an other color fabric to mouth and give a cut on that place and make the mouth. Before we fix the body parts we have to create parts of face. After finish that we can saw the parts and make the shapes of body parts. After all we can fill the parts by punch or soft thing.

This is the way your Ventriloquist doll born.” After I finished the story I looked at the baby.ohh.. she was sleeping.


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