Man’s ego is conceivable that the women love him give him the right to do what he wants and persuaded him anything just because she loves him….

woman still a puzzle to man can’t  solves it easily and hard to understand no matter he imagine that he was able to read her mind and diving in her heart so easily.

At the moment, which his ego depicted that her love to him gives  the right to do what he wants and she will satisfy any thing just because she loves him, but the more he closer to her the more she ambiguous and she turn the matters upside down and change her direction away from him as he wasn’t  mean nothing to her, not due to  her moody nature  but it stems from respect for herself and understanding of her feeling fullest extent.

Although the feeling  is her weakness exploited by man but his ego makes him lose all this love in a stupidity moment,while a little understanding and respect her and realize that  love is not tie but it is culmination of him in her heart ….

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  • EXako on Apr 13, 2011

    thanks for your share!

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