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Do you remember when we were children? We were so happy. So innocent. We had no idea what life had in store for us. Who would have foreseen that when we grow up you would become a hell- raiser and me an emotional fool?

We both turned out the same in a way. We both love shocking people and we thrive on controversy. When we were children, we were compared to each other a lot. I guess they couldn’t help it. I mean we were so different.

And now that we have grown up, we are still different but we are not opposites. We are neither opposites, nor similar, we are just complements of each other. Every decision we have faced in our lives, we have taken a parallel path. Our paths have never converged but they have been parallel all the same. At any moment we know what the other is going
through. Because we have been through it individually at some point in our lives.

Perhaps it is just as well we are apart. Knowing each other too well raises its own problems.

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