Twilight at Lake Montebello, Take a Stroll or see the sky reflect on the waters nose…make’s me think the city knows something I wouldnt usually know.

Despicable i must be, i suppose i smell musty, i strut with my chest protruding, like a freshly born or squeezed cock, trust me,

i give podiums a bad feeling because Ive promoted soap boxes an motherfucking sidewalks to the rusty trusty, rhyming here i must seem to be a little dusty, dirty at the seems where vulgar words cause adhesive to leak heavily, I’m standing here grabbing my clothes trying to keep the glue from touching on the testy, i taste the angled faces as they find anguish a tasty fate, i trust that i am the bate, that’s how they see me, this guy, this gentlemen, luring you to the murky edge, the water inviting ledge,

whispering sweet nothings, tonguing the catalyst as if the clitoris to cataclysm, click clacking my tongue snapping fingers till them numb, instead of shoulders i shrug aposable thumbs, plugging renigade anuses as if feeding infants with imaginary titillating circumference, as said before i leak adhesive so i sure enough lactate,

i hate proverbs bible or other discussions about how I’m press-in on doors and passage ways that lead to corridors, that order my passage way sealed off, pressing my seal into wax, notes spelling your cut off, I’m fucking immature, steady ranting to you people as if my words mean a lick of sense rather than the lick that follows a kiss, i mean listen to me. Every punch line seems to be sexually orientated

, this orientation contimplating the vantage point to my ocular confuse, again im fucking immature, carressing some more mature, pleased by my infinitly elongated secure, completeing the form, ejaculatory response would possibly be a cure,

quite frankly if exact transaction here at the source id breed another few mes depicted as immature

Lake Montebello twilight Baltimore, MD 33rd st. Hillen rd and hardier rd

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