What if God put weed here on earth for us to enjoy as a natural stress reliever for the stress of our fast pace world that we live in?

 Before you condemn my theory on this subject, Marijuana, please try to have an open mind until the end of this article. And that includes you grandma, who’s sayin’, “I bet he’s on drugs right now!”
Are you the person that’s totally against weed, and nothing I say, will ever change your mind about it?  If you are one of those people, that’s okay because there is a lot of people like you and I cant convince you guys, anyway.
 I’m not talking to you guys. I’m talking to YOU, the person with an open mind, and the person who is willing to listen to what I have to say.  So before you decide if I’m a druggie, crackpot, radical or idiot try to finish the article first.  Hopefully this article will SPEAK to someone.

So, let me warn you again, read the whole article.
Mabey we should start smoking weed, instead of condemning it.
There, you just did it.  You’re judging me already.  I just warned you about that.  Let’s try again.

Mabey it was planted here by God, so we could have a natural stress reliever from the stresses of this world.
But is it true?

Did you have to read those statements a second time? 
I already feel on the defensive and you haven’t even read the article yet.
What If everyone could forget their preconceived notions about weed, for a second.
What are some pre conceived notions about weed? WEED IS BAD.  IT’S ILLEGAL.  IT’S OF THE DEVIL, or THIS IS MY BRAIN ON DRUGS with an egg, or OH NO, NOT THE GATEWAY DRUG!

There are WAY WORSE DRUGS, PEOPLE, and guess what?  THEY’RE LEGAL.   Have you heard of CIGARRETTES AND ALCOHOL?   And what about other things that can’t be good for you, like caffeine drinks,  McDonald’s cheeseburgers, and MY favorite Dairy Queen, which I’m sure clogs your arteries.  If you do not consume these things in moderation, then you could very possibly die an early death, before your time.

Now why exactly is weed bad for you again?
  Because {mabey} you’re using a part of your mind you never use?
{Mabey} sometimes we forget about the truly important things in our life.  Stuff we miss sometimes.

Let us slow down from our 24/7 lives for a second.

When someone leaves you a message on the phone, CHECK THIS OUT, in the mid nineties  we had to stop what we’re doing and go home and get it on the answering machine.   Then call them back on a telephone. Even  some of them were attached to the wall with a cord.


 That’s right kids.  Sound horrible?  Well it was.
Try to relax for 15 minutes a day for yourself.  If you don’t have 15 minutes, make 15 minutes, or fit it into your schedule.  Try it for a week.
Listen to Music you like.  It makes you motivated. Or try listening to an orchestra, and listen to every instrument, and their lyrics. You can hear the excitement of the musician come out in their song.  In the way they play their instrument or the way they sing.  Really listen.
 And then ask Traffic, “What’s the hurry?”
 Go to the park and spend some time doing something you like. Can’t do it today?  Then do it sometime this week.  Enjoy the sun.  Enjoy the rain.  Enjoy the snow . Enjoy life.  Do what you want sometimes.  Have fun.  Play with your kids.  Kiss your wife.  Love your family.  Pray. Pet your dog. Buy a dog. Okay don’t do that.  Don’t let the world get to you.
Get motivated. Go back to following your dream.  Don’t feel stuck in the same rat race. Take a class, do something you’ve never done before.   Something you would love to do;
 Like writing.
Weed has shown me what I have been missing.
Thanks for listening.  You can make your assumption s now.
Signed  your friend,
Write.  Mr. Write.{Enter James Bond theme song here.}  The End?

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  • Endless Ink on Nov 29, 2008

    Dude, I totally understand. U know, what I have noticed is that my atistic skills just flowed like water after partaking of gonja. When I had not partook of gonja it was a little more difficult for me to reach that”zone”. I have often wondered why weed was perceived as being of the devil or unchristian-like. Because I have to debate with myself back and forth on this issue, I decided not to use it anymore…But I still wonder.
    When I am on it, it seems as if the truth seems to stand out more than usual and I become more aware of the state of this world. Sometimes, I wonder if “they” made it illegal to keep us away from truth and harmony. U know, I’ve heard that the crime rate in Amsterdam is almost non-existent.

    Thanks for your thoughts :0)

  • Ivonne L on Dec 21, 2008

    that is ture i wirte alot poems,and read when i’m high.

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