What my communication skills consists of and observation of what I’d like to improve.

My communication toolbox is a vibrant black and white striped toolbox with chrome hinges, handle, and organized tools. My most used communication tools are a skill saw, level, and sledgehammer.

I use a skill small tool of which I tried to persuade someone by debating with educated and common reasoning. I use a level to try to equally balance and perfect situations. I also use a sledgehammer to force my opinion on to someone with an opposing view. My listening skills are like AT&T’s cell phone service areas of which it works almost all the time, but seldom there are dead tones.

I would like to dull my X-Acto knife communication tool, so that I don’t cut people off in conversation. I would like to not use my sledgehammer as much in order to not force my opinion on to others. I would also like to strengthen my adjustable wrench, so that I can give more versatile responses.

“The Skill Saw Artist”.

What would your communication skills toolbos look like and contain? What would you like to improve?

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  • sunshineleo05 on Sep 10, 2011

    Interesting analogy, thanks for sharing! ;)

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