Archetypal Energy is not locatable in the Psyche but expressed through the Psyche.

The words Archetypal Energy presented themselves to me, and when writing them down I suddenly felt compelled to take a drive. A drive back to my hometown.  We just received a lot of snow a few days earlier and everything was still heavily covered. However, nothing was stopping me! Collinsville is only a few minutes from where I live so it didn’t take me long to get there. As I drove to my hometown of Collinsville, Oklahoma and went around what I call the “S” curve, I really felt the urge to drive through Main St. (even though the house I grew up in was only two blocks away). Driving through town everything looked the same, minus a few buildings, a couple of them being a Gas Station and Laundry-Mat  that I walked to many times as a child.  (I almost died there once after walking there to buy a candy bar! A big ditch separated the two and instead of walking around it, I decided to jump across it. Figuring I might need my hands to catch myself I put the quarter that I had in my hand into my mouth… I landed right on my butt! and swallowed the quarter. I was six years old and terrified. I thought I was going to die, but then suddenly someone was there to help. Young and silly, but thank God for the person there that day). Before I knew it,  I was at thirteenth and Main. There she was, beautiful as ever… The Collinsville Library. I had to stop! Sitting in my car face to face, looking at what I have always thought to be one of Collinsvilles most beautiful buildings. I followed her lines and stairways entering up from the East and West, then further up entering in through the glass doorway. I remembered her numbers 1223 and how awesome it felt as a child when I walked up those steps.  I remembered the quiet and smiled, Now understanding why. I remembered the basement and how much fun I had listening  to the stories during story time, then suddenly just like that the surge of energy changed. Therefore, I continued my drive through Main St. I noticed the Crown Theater was no longer there, nor the Five and Dime Store.  Lee’s Food Liner is now the Rainbow’s End Antique Shop and a cool place called Grey Beard’s sits on the Northwest corner across from where the Sale Barn use to be… now Clark’s feed Store.  As I got towards the end of town, I understood more than ever this saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same”.  As I pulled into Sinclair’s at the end of town on the Southeast corner of fifth and Main, I knew there was one more place I needed to go before returning home. I grew up on Spring St. just one block North of the Collinsville City Park. (When I was growing up all I had to do was cut across the neighbors yard then cross the creek and I was there), but this time I went South on nineteenth, past Spring St. and across the bridge then left into the park. I stopped for a few minutes in front of the swimming pool where I use to lifeguard as a teenager, then past the tennis courts and baseball field. I continued down the hill and back around to the Southeast corner of the park and pulled into a place I went to a lot growing up and  noticed right away that the merry-go-round and swings were gone. Sitting there looking across the creek I could see my house that I had grown up in and wondered… What was this energy surging through me, driving me, forcing me to think and act this way… and why? After a while, I felt satisfied with all I had taken in and was able to start home knowing that what was needed, had been taken care of. Those two words that had presented themselves to me before leaving home “Archetypal Energy” had made their point,  In addition, I knew it! (Acting upon this sudden rush of energy and allowing it to flow has given me a broader perspective about the nature and dynamics of Spirit). Although the term “Archetype” did not originate with Jung, its current use has largely been influenced by his conception of it. Carl Jung was the first to state that the human psyche is “by nature” religious, and needs to be explored in depth. Remembering Jung’s conception and seeing it from a Philosophical point of view satisfied the questions I had ask myself,  helping me understand the power of God’s Love and wisdom. Love is a “natural state” which is expressed when our thoughts, images, energies and actions allow. Archetypal Energy is not locatable in the psyche, but yet expressed through the psyche. It constellates around the core complexes and activates energy. In contemporary usage, the term “Philosophy” is more narrow and refers to a particular intellectual discipline usually with rich historical tradition. In Greek, the word “Philosophy” comes from the terms -Philo, meaning To Love or Be-friend, and -Sophia, meaning Wisdom.

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