Just talking about what I do everyday on a regular basic.


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hey everybody so while everyone else is talking about the world I’m just going to talk about my life as i keep on living, and what i do in Florida.

if you haven’t notice i am from Florida and i live like 30 minutes away from the state capitol in a little town called crawfordville or Wakulla. which ever you prefer. But today I learned that if you don’t take out the garbage that your most likely going to get a very stinky garbage can after a few hours of eating watermelon and strawberry’s and your most likely going to those little flies that bug the crap out of everyone! so in that case i took out the garbage which i haven’t done that in about 3 months my brother kyle or my uncle usually does it. so I’m in my room typing this but i am the type of girl that loves to laugh and lives my life to the fullest! i have a ton of friends my brother kyle says make sure you have friends so that if you ever get into a fight you have a couple of groups that have your back!But yeah i make my friends laugh alot, I’m just a brown head girl but lives to be blond.! ha ha well i did die my hair last night to be blonder but it came out orange!!!! so i think  m going to get my hair done professionally!! well that’s today’s word or talk today BTW I’m listening to Insane In the Membrane!! ha ha okay ..p.s. i hope i get money for writing this! ha ha okay bye!!

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