I had to do something, before I ended up in one. Here are some helpful tips for anyone in same the box.

Where did they all come from?


All my life, I have constantly moved around a lot: Growing up, years in the Navy, changing jobs, you name it. There was always a need for boxes. When I settled down somewhere, I never had time to unpack them all. Old memories, collectables, clothes, etc. I honestly don’t know where it all came from or how I came into possession of them all. Box magnetism, I suppose.


The expense involved.


Moving them, storing them and sometimes just having to buy more to put stuff in. Once you start, it can be never ending. “I am no Psychiatrist but I am sure there is a disorder involved.” The stress of dealing with them and what it takes to manage them all, can be maddening.


Possible health and fire hazard, they are.


Have you ever heard stories of people being reported missing, only to be found by “Search and Rescue” workers, dead under a pile of clutter in their homes? It happens. Mice, roaches, bugs and spiders love boxes, the more the merrier. Then there’s the possibility of “spontaneous combustion,” maybe. Too many boxes can make egression from your home in an emergency an impossible challenge. Your life may at one point depend on clearing the way.


STOP the insanity!


At some point in time, sooner better then later, we need to address the issue in a realistic manner. If not you, then a relative or close friend will have to deal with it, and that is NO WAY to treat your friends and relatives, now is it?


What to do.


You DO NOT have to do it all at once, or in some extreme cases, one month or year. You begin with a plan. “What are you going to do with it all?” Don’t just move them around from place to place, that doesn’t solve anything. Jump in and CLEAR OUT! You will be surprised what you have accumulated, and didn’t even know it. It happens that way. If something has a purpose or severe sentimental value, keep it, sparingly.


Think of others.


You may have relatives or friends that would like certain items. You could have a YARD SALE, and raise some cash. You might even consider donations to charity, some of which like “The Kidney Foundation,” among others will come pick certain items up.  You can RECYCLE and single handedly “SAVE” the planet. All I am saying is it is not a good idea to just throw it all away, unless it is.


You will be happier and better off for it, trust me.


With all the extra room you gain, not to mention, less stress and less negative energy. You will have a cleaner, safer environment to dwell in. You may even make some new friends to entertain in your newly “clutter free” living space.


Now get to it and good luck! It won’t be as painful as you think it will be. Thank you for reading my article. Comments are always welcome.

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  • briantaylor1992 on Jul 29, 2011

    I tend to back all my stuff away in box, regardless of if I\’m going anywhere or not. I have never moved in my life, and yet all of my stuff is still in boxes haha. I am more of a pack-rat, I guess you could say. :)

  • PHILLY DREAMER on Dec 16, 2011

    Yes really, how important can something be if it is rotting away in a box.

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