Why does mom always nag? I dont get it it.

Well I don’t know why all moms nag when even the most useless thing happens. They discipline us that’s what my mom says but I think this is not the best way to get disciplined in my opinion cause the thing mothers nag about does not seem right,like for example doing some chores I admit I always make mistakes but it is not that big and my mom starts to nag saying I’m destroying her house and do not want to do chores when actually I’m carrying a heavy item that I cant lift well so it hits the floor. Then my mom tells me that I’m very naughty for not lending my laptop to my little sister (who is evil and I do not get along with) and she might destroy my laptop since she’s not that old. Before I did the chore she asked me to do, my laptops battery went out and my little sister that I don’t get along with laughed at it and which made me mad at her even more. I think my mom is having her mid-life crisis but after all this nags I would say that I don’t care about what she talks about and always ignores her nags. My mom loves me but I think her nagging makes me irritated and I know a lot of moms tends to nag too when we make mistakes. So I think we should try to understand some of the nags which is irritating and not to correct their wrongs or they get mad even more. Like me telling my mom I carried something heavy and she tells me that she can do it so why cant I. I think that when listening to the nag they say it actually makes no sense for me and maybe she’s the only one that understands it so she knows what she’s talking about but I can’t which is unfair since she’s the one that understands herself so when I try to debate with her she makes it hard for me to get it right and the continuous nagging makes me dizzy. My dad always follows my mom if my mom is angry he will start to get angry too and he nags at me as well and So lesson dont debate with your mom when you can’t understand her your chances of winning are very low. 

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