One can meet interesting people in the middle of a frozen, deserted boulevard in the middle of the Winter. All you have to do is take a walk…

The good part was that although it was very cold, it was above zero. About nineteen degrees above zero. If I mention that in Lansing we go by Fahrenheit, one would realize that I was totally frozen. However I was dressed up warm and in spite of the wind which was cold when blowing in my face it was not too bad….

I went to that grocery story, the Palestinian place, to look for some plum butter. I did not want to drive. It was probably a little bit over a mile from my place, maybe more, but I did not move too much these days and I really needed the walk.

It was snowing. Big flakes, however inefficient big flakes. They looked nice, but when they hit the ground they did not make a serious impact. Probably there is so much salt on the ground already that they are melting a few inches before they hit…

I was on Michigan, just passing Pennsylvania avenue. Of course I am one of those who can remember the most minute landmarks, but if my life depended on it, I could not pay any attention to the street names… So, I remember that I was just about a block West of the funeral home when I saw this wheel chair with its occupant waiting by the middle side walk railing.

At first I did not know what to believe. I was a little far yet, however when you see a wheel chair with an occupant in it, resting against the metal railing in nineteen degrees temperature, you don’t expect to find happiness… The street was deserted, and it looked like a bad omen to see the scene just a few feet away from the front door…

I went by, and I did not really know how to react. A person with my record should better be very cautious in situations like this. I did not feel too bad though, because I did not see a police uniform in the wheel chair, so no matter what, if I wanted to give help, I would have not been a suspect right the way… I passed by, and I noticed an old woman kind of sleeping waiting. I looked at her, she looked at me, and than she said:

“Sir, will you push me please?”

“I bag your pardon?”

“Would you push me as far as you go, I have to make it to the United Methodist church on Capitol and my hands are frozen!”

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