With Sudoku Magic you can mystify your friends – even if you know nothing about how to play it! You can give them a BLANK Sudoko board, tell them to put ONE number anywhere on the grid and, in one minute, you will be able to produce a perfectly executed, completely finished Sudoku game!

Here is a bit of Sudoku Magic guaranteed to amaze your friends. Give your friend an empty Sudoku grid. Ask your friend to put one number, any number one through nine, into any cell on the grid. Tell them, within one minute, you will solve the Sudoku puzzle perfectly.  

Here’s the trick, the magic, if you will.  For this example, on your blank grid, place the nine in H5

            Counting back to the left write in the 8, 7, 6, and 5.  Again, working backwards, fill in the rest of that box.  In the example it would be 4, 3, 2, 1, 9, and 8. Notice the eighth is in position, G1.  Counting backwards, put the 7 in D1 and the 6 in A1. In starting with the 6, count forward 7, 8, 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  This completes the A row.  To fill in the B row,  you must put a 9 in B1 and then a 1 in B2.  Then continue across in numerical order until you’ve completed the B row. The C row starts with three. Continue until you have filled the whole grid.

This will work every time.  If you remember that the A1, D1, and G1 are consecutive. Also concentrate on boxes 1, 4, and 7. When you have the upper left corner on each one filled in,  it is very easy to fill the grid.

Look at box 1. There is a 6.  A2 and A3 will be 7 and 8. Now here is the important part. Row B must start with 9 because 9 follows 8. Row C must start with 3 because 3 follows 2.

Box 2 starts with 7 so the next two numbers must be 8 and 9. That means Row E must began with 1 and continue with 2 and 3. Row F must start with 4 because 4 follows 3. You have now filled boxes 1, 4, and 7. All that’s left is to put in the numbers from left to right sequentially.

With a little practice you’ll be able to do this without concentrating and finish very quickly.

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