Don’t be freaked, it’s not as pessimistic as it appears ;)

DREAMS NEVER COME TRUE. There’s always that ideal image of how we want our lives to end up embedded in our heads. It’s perfect, pure, peaceful, comfortable, successful, and full of joy. Thus, the only place it could exist is in our minds because once that vision transcends the border between ‘idea’ and ‘reality’, it’s gradually tarnished by the chaos of the human world. It becomes corrupted by our own imperfections and infected by the diseased society. It would go from perfect, to wonderful, to good, down to mediocre.

That’s LIFE, it’s always mediocre. It’s mundane. It’s just putty in the hands of FATE.

When I was a child, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor because I wanted to save lives. Here I am, supposed to be getting nearer to my dream, but how come it feels nothing close to how I expected the feeling of ‘dreams coming true’ would be. How come it’s just…PAINFUL? Some might say that it’s just the big hurdle before the finish line, but once I’m there, would it be what I envisioned being a doctor would be? Yes, I’ll be capable of saving lives, but I would also have to witness lives slipping away from the palm of my hands. I wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon because I literally wanted to fix hearts, but I’ll be breaking them also when I would have to tell someone that his loved one didn’t make it.

Maybe 10 years from now, I’ll be living a life that would RESEMBLE my dream by some degree, but it’s not going to be the exact image from my mind brought to life.

DREAMS AREN’T MEANT TO COME TRUE. They are supposed to be these unblemished and ideal concepts that we carry around and never let go. Dreams could be the only pure wonderful, and innocent things we have left in our lives. Dreams are what inspire art, literature, music, and all the beautiful things that could come from human hands. They’re meant to be perfect, so they can never set foot in the land of the living.

There would always be a dynamic and infinite gap between our dreams and our reality,and this gap is filled with unending possibilities. We constantly seize these possibilities to rise from where we were previously, but we never really get to the top. Our lives could always be better, but never perfect. Dreams aren’t meant to come true because if our lives turned out to be the perfect one we envisioned, where else would we go, what else would we do, what is left to aim for if we had everything we ever wanted? Life has to go on.

LIFE as I’ve mentioned would always be ordinary. It’s as if ‘ordinary’ is its default setting, and it’s up to us if we’re going to settle for that or not.

Those who settle are the most pathetic. In all the days of my existence I just ‘settled’, I was ‘okay’, I was ‘mediocre’. It’s just sad… having something extraordinary in front of you, but settling for ‘good enough’ because it’s comfortable,easy, and you’d rather not take that extra step and get out of your comfort zone. Just SURVIVING is for the lower life forms; Just LIVING is for the commoner. One day, I’ll CONQUER MY LIFE, and I’ll transform it from mundane to exceptional. I’ll continue DREAMING. Then, I’ll make FATE my bitch!

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