In numerology…, numbers add up.
And The Reeve(S) curse tells us about the future of Keanu Reeves and what we have learned from the past!



“NOT a Superman curse! It’s a Reeve(s)

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Let’s start with the letter ,”C”

Christopher Reeve

Then four letters down is ,”G”

George Reeve(S)

Then four letters down is,”K”

Keanu Reeve(S)


I see a pattern here!

It’s much more than that…….


Over the years …, we’ve all heard about

the ,”Superman Curse.” I don’t think

that it’s a Superman curse at all!

I’m here to write about the ,”Reeve(s)


When we think of a curse?

We think of Egypt and the Mummy’s


it’s more of a Brendan Fraser film.

I will, to the best of my ability ,to write and

 research and

record the facts of all three men.

First there was George Reeves.

January 5, 1914 – June 16, 1959

age 45

There is a “4″ and a “5″

June is a “6″ minus Jan , a “1″ =”5″

or 6+ 1= “7″

Then Christopher Reeve

September 25, 1952 – October 10, 2004

age 52

Pay special attention to the 25 and the 52


that date!


And Keanu Reeves

born September 2, 1964

alive at age 47

Sept is the Ninth month..minus 2=”7″

Ninth month..born on “2″=7

If we take Christopher Reeve’s age at 52


add 7…

then it would make sense that Keanu

has to be very careful at the age of 59.?


George Reeves died in ..59.


Thank God–still alive. (Knocking on wood)

These dates have to mean something?

In numerology…, all dates and numbers

 mean something.

Christopher Reeve age 52


George Reeves age 45

= “7″

If we take 2004

minus 1959

we get 45

George Reeves died at age 45

If we take 52 minus the 25..

we get 27

Keanu has the numbers 2 and 7

and they all have the number “7″

in common.


I’m sure that we can do this all day and

still come up with matching numbers?!

I think If Keanu pays attenion to this?

He may be able to break the curse!!

Especially when he reaches the age of 59.

Of course all of our lives are in God’s


I’m just pointing out the common facts


We are suppossed to learn from the


so that we don’t re-live it and of course…,

history always repeats itself.


Let’s talk about the name….


George Reeves did commercials for

Kellogg’s frosted flakes.

Keanu Reeves did a commercial for

Kellogg’s corn flakes.


Christopher Reeves with the

Kellogg foundation.


Then there is the fact that they are all


And played a part that involved

flying and saving the world!


and Keanu saved the

world and did a “Superman ” flying

move in the Matrix.



Keanu Reeves inspired me to write

a Vampire story.

We each have a fate or Kismet.

So, I named the screenplay ,”Kismet.”

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  • SuzanneHerlihy on Jun 5, 2011

    I also wanted to add that the other people like…, Tom Welling and Dean Cain have played Superman and they have no curse!!

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