A free verse about the writer’s childhood best friend who’s autistic… basically written to open people’s minds about autism.

autistic people may seem strange to others and some even single them out…I don’t…actually I consider them special in a way…I have a friend named AJ who is considered autistic, and I really look up to him in many ways…he’s really nice and I’ve always hoped that people will get the chance to know him more before they jugde him or take advantage of him…I never want him to be taken for granted again…it’s his bday this April 18th, and I dedicate this poem for him…Aj, my friend, I hope you and I can stay best of friends for as long as I live.


As they look, you happen to not care

Even though some are mostly unfair

The world is more than cold

We have to survive as I have been told


Still you managed more than a real smile

Laughter explodes every once in a while

All the optimism in you makes me think

You’re ready to speak your mind without a blink


A person with no lies and a good memory

Hands outstretched to help the weary

Though you seem to have your own world

Trust and hope in it you hold


Many are irritated

Many have taken you for granted

I’m proud to be one of those

Whom you have driven off the woes


I used to stare and fear you too

But now inside and out I’ve seen you

and my friend blooms within

a long journey is where we’ve been


together we seem to lack the sense

to keep track of time and they consider us dense

can you really blame the others point out

reality we fly from and we never doubt


my friend you’re not predictable

but so is the real world

still letting you go I won’t be able

true friends I want to keep hold


so can I stay though far away

one of the persons to make your day

as a real friend in my simple way

I want to prove you’re not what they say.


written February 20, 2006 Monday 1:55 pm

by: Anne S. Quinabo a.k.a. lime13

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