A twenty four year old and half woman, might be breaking the law, but, what choice does she have. This story totally fiction.

      Twenty four and half year old, Betty Loe was just a normal everyday woman. she could cook and clean, ride her bike to the store. she would never be driving, because, she had trouble judging dist ants, Oh well, she though to herself. As she was trying out a new recipe from a cooking magazine she turned on the radio “

        “You are listening  to 101.10,”. when a very angry man called in.

        “Okay, so whats on your mind.”

        ” Isn’t pretty damn sicking, that those woman can go out make a litter of illegitimate bastard; and if man looses his job, and can’t pay child support the state can take away his drivers license. Then they can throw him in jail because he can’t afford to pay child support. How the Hell dose the state expect him to pay child support,?” when they took way his license so he can’t find a job.

       “She hated taking the state taxi, because, they were always late. She wasn’t making enough money to take a regular taxi.  she walked to phone to call Marvin.

        “Will you do me a favor, and drive me to work?”

        “It would be breaking the law, I don’t have license.” It was one thing for him to drive along. but another to get some else in trouble. She knew the reason why they took his license away which had nothing to do with his driving.

    “I willing to chance  it.

    “Okay I pick you up in ten minutes.” There were some jobs her parents wouldn’t let her have they had no future and the state would just thrown her into institution. prison, jail, an institution, insane asylum what was the different they were all lock up a complete lost of freedom.

     she was ready he had her to work twenty minutes early and since it was two early to punch in she decided to buy herself a cup of coffee.


Liked it
  • meandu on May 27, 2010

    I tried to read this story but found it difficult to read. I just wanted to offer some constructive criticism-check your spelling. For instance it is choice not choose does she have. Also you can not ride a bike to a story, I believe you meant store. This is not meant to offend, just something to watch for in your future writing.

  • Ruby Hawk on Jun 6, 2010

    Sorry, I couldn’t understand the story.

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