N my extensive travels all over Our World in My Magic Carpet Of Life I beamed down in Wyoming and had the pleasure of meeting Cathy later on in this tale.

Wyoming is officially called the “Cowboy State” nestled in the mountains of Western United States and is the second least densely populated while the tenth in area of the 50 states! The western two thirds is mountains and mountain ranges in the foothills of the Eastern Rockies while the eastern two thirds of this state is called the “High Plains” prairie. They are for “Equal Rights” as that is their motto! Cheyenne is the most populous city of near 60,000 and the capital as well. Wyoming is where “The Great Plains meet The Rockies” and what a sight to imagine. It has Montana to the north, South Dakota and Nebraska in the east and Colorado on the south with the southwest by Utah and the west by Idaho! What a pretty picture! This state is the US A’s #1 coal producer with the work at “Powder and Green River” basins. Mineral abstracts, travel and tourism and agriculture keep their economy alive! Visitors GO to the national Parks like Yellowstone, Grand Te ton and Devil’s Tower and Independence Rock and Fossil Butte Monuments for many moments and feelings of Awww. Even though ninety one percent of Wyoming’s land is considered rural it is put to good use. They have livestock (beef), hay, sugar beets, grain (wheat & barley) and wool. Sad that we can’t use alternate waysto feed and clothe our population excluding all the innocent animals and someday we will! The Continental Divide flows into an area in southwest Wyoming called The Great Divide Basin. Since Wyoming is not near an ocean the water either evaporates because of the dry area or sinks into the ground making the soilrich and fertile! Several rivers begin in this state and flow through it likethe Yellowstone, Bighorn, Snake and Green Rivers. Wyoming has quite a few islands with 32 named and many others to explore! As this story comes to a close let me you what Cathy has to say about her state Wyoming! “I raise chinchillas in Wyoming and I love each and every one I take care of!Right now there is Poncho, Cheyenne, Reeses, Taz, Rex, Reba, Zuce and Nikki. All but 1 I have had since birth and that one I rescued from an abused life elsewhere and it knows NOW it is safe with me! He has gotten blind and growing old but he is still my puppy! I live in the “Cowboy/Girl State” where Cheyenne is the capitol. We have a rodeo called “The Big Daddy” of them allwhere spectators and participants and entertainers from all over come to our state. You’re always welcome here!” Thank you Cathy.http://www.magicalthoughts.com/onearmedwriterSend Letters about your Country or State or people or pets You Love to4everwriting@gmail.comLetters from Friends make Our Lives Brighter Always Home WritingJack ^_^

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