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Once upon a time, there were these two individuals living in a separate place. One was a guy and the other a lady. The lady, who was Dianne, was so snobbish. But, deep within her heart is a kind-hearted, caring woman. She’s sometimes moody. Her mood doesn’t suite on the situation. “EMOTIONAL GIRL” that’s what they call her. But they do not know that being her emotional is she only likes to be understood by everybody. On the other hand, was a happy guy who always looks at the positive things in life. He is Paolo, a nice guy. All the things he has in life make him cheerful but sometimes he also needs someone who can understand him and to share his good thoughts that his friends don’t take seriously.
Dianne always live in the past, she never went out with her past experience. That’s why it’s hard for her to go along with life. She searched for someone who can understand her. And luckily she found a guy who understands her at first. But as their relationship gets long, the guy was so tired with the girl’s attitude-being moody. And now, Dianne was left all alone. Her fears began to bloom again- fear of BEING ALONE. As time goes by, Dianne finally found someone who can understand her mood. It was Paolo, the guy who always teases her and catches the attention of the girl. Their thoughts are always the same, share the same ideas. Dianne felt happy with Paolo. Paolo accept her being emotional and understands her. Dianne makes him feel the best and gave his full care to him and listens to his good thoughts. Things about them started to be woven. They were “best friends”. They face up and downs in their lives together. With their experience in the veracity of life, they’d discovered that the reality of friendship is still the best relationship and the best example of love.
Now, they are both happy with their own lives. Dianne finds someone whom she shares her life. Paolo also has his own family. But, in their hearts, wherever life may lead them, still they were best friends forever, which no one can ever get into it. These two individuals are good example of a long lasting relationship. Despite their opposite attitudes, they discovered that they have that common one which is to become “FRIENDS FOREVER”

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