An Article about why Perserverance is the best civic value a person could have.



            “Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow.”  This is a quote by a man named Dan Rather.  This quote represents perseverance which I feel is the most essential civic value to being an American.  But I know your wondering what exactly is perseverance? Perseverance is a commitment to showing, hard work, patience, and endurance.  It is also baring difficulties without complaining, and trying over and over again to reach ones goal.  I will prove to you how important this value is by discussing a founding document that reflects this value, a few figures from American history who embody this value, and some examples of how I have put this civic value into practice in my life. 

            There are a few documents that reflect on perseverance.  One of these documents is the Declaration of Independence.  This was created by the founding fathers of our country.  It said we would be free from Britain and we were able to setup our own government.  The problem was we did not know how the government would be set up yet, and we demonstrated perseverance by getting this document passed and breaking away from Britain.  If we didn’t do this then our country would still be under the control of Great Britain and we would have a king, so it was a really good thing that our founding fathers showed perseverance.  There was also another document that reflects this value, and that is The Constitution of The United States of America.  This includes all of the amendments that we live by still today.  The first government we made called the Articles of Confederation we had to throw away because it was not working successfully as we hoped it would.  The men who wrote this document showed this civic value because it took a lot of time and a lot of patience to write this document .  Also, they had to change the whole government and create a new system which also showed this civic value.  Those are the documents that showed perseverance.

            There are many people in American history that embody this value.  For example Beethoven who was a famous composer was deaf,  Ray Charles who was a famous musician that was blind, Albert Einstein, one of the greatest inventors of all time, had a learning disability, and of all the people who demonstrated perseverance Helen Keller showed this value the most.  When she was nineteen months old she got an illness called brain fever that caused her to go deaf and blind.  She had a teacher named Anne Sullivan who taught her to read, write, and speak.  She graduated from Radcliffe college June 28, 1904, and she was the first blind and deaf person ever to graduate from college.  She became an author that wrote “The world I Live In”.  There is no question that she uses perseverance because she overcame being deaf, and blind and still went on with her life and did what she wanted to do.  She was always positive and never complained, and she always tried her best at whatever she did.  Those are the people in American history that clearly embody this value. 

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