A speech I made for school.

Why are students being forced to wear school uniforms? Students express their creativity in clothing and try on new identities to figure out who they really are. No school has the right to make our individuality go down the drain. It is important to allow students to wear what they want because it shows them that they are different from everybody else and not the same. Wearing a uniform is like wearing a prison jumpsuit because both are not given by choice. So how can a bunch of students dressed the same way be able to show their individuality?

Experts believe that school uniforms can improve the academics, and can improve the discipline of students (“School uniforms help improve grades”). This cannot be true because of the simple fact that a uniform is nothing more than a piece of clothing. So how can wearing a uniform magically improve a student’s marks, or change the way a student acts? The only way to help students improve marks and discipline is by giving them extra help and setting a code of conduct that all of them must follow. One of my cousins goes to a private school that has a uniform policy, and when he was in grade 5, he still didn’t know his alphabets. This shows that academics are not dependent on the school or uniform, but on the individuals themselves.

Uniforms are a huge problem for some parents because they cannot afford to pay for them. This can cause some parents to turn to other schools or buy used uniforms. The National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux (NACAB) suggests that some children have been threatened to be excluded because they are not wearing the correct uniform (“School uniforms too expensive”). On top of that, parents still have to buy clothes for outside of school, and special occasions. Another problem with uniforms is that most people only carry one pair, and they wear that pair everyday they are in school. Some students may not even wash their uniforms for many days, which can cause them to be very unsanitary. So just imagine how it would be to sit in a room with a bunch of smelly teenagers. But if they were allowed to wear casual clothes, they would be able to buy cheaper clothes that they would have more than one pair of.

Some parents believe that putting a school uniform policy in place would stop the formation of cliques and make everyone socially accepted. This is not the case, because students will still form groups based on personality, and interests. Just because everybody wears the same clothes does not mean that everyone will be friends. Uniforms are also believed to stop the formation of gangs and stop gang violence. But what it really does is make it harder to identify gangs and make them blend in with everybody else. Also it may result in gangs targeting the wrong people, because everybody has the same outfit. So how is this safer than knowing who’s in a gang or not?

Uniforms are slowly, slowly, slowly dying away. They are ancient and have been here for a million years, and now is the time to get rid of them. Uniforms are just a foolish attempt to make a school look more professional and organized. But is it really worth compromising the individuality of students? Alternatively a better option than implementing a school uniform policy would be to have a strict code of conduct that will stop students from wearing offensive and inappropriate clothing. This solution will allow for students to be able to express themselves, to be themselves, and to be comfortable. Also it will have better effects for the school and students, allowing them to express their creativity. So what would you choose, wearing the same uncomfortable uniform that everyone else in the school is wearing, or being able to choose what you like to wear and are comfortable wearing?

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  • davian on Nov 6, 2011

    good, thanks for the help.

  • Alisha Jagayat on Nov 8, 2012

    Thank you soooooooooooooo much whoever wrote this. If you were a boy I would kiss you no matter how ugly you are and if you were a girl I would give you a great big hug.

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much kind person your the best because this really helped me>

    From the gratefullsest person ever,
    Alisha Jagayat

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