I’m trying a whole new type of article. It is one that I ask you, the reader, for your insight to help better my knowledge.

I am sure that almost everyone on this planet has heard of www.youtube.com. Ever since it was purchased by Google in 2008 it has been an international success drawing billions upon billions of views a week. With all these viewers, there must be a way for the average Joe to make a nice little profit from Youtube, Right? My question is to all those of you who already use Youtube or have any knowledge of making money online by posting views whether threw Triond or other websites, how do you make Youtube profitable? There are tons of success stories of how people make six figures a year from posting videos on youtube, but how? Rebecca Black’s Friday has drawn 200 millions views and counting and she has nearly made seven figures just from the advertisements on her youtube video. Wouldn’t that be nice. So for all of those how are youtube users or know any information or have any tips, please comment and give me your insight. Feel free to like this too :) . Thanks,


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  • CHIPMUNK on Jun 15, 2011

    Sorry can’t help you there

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