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Travelling is one of the things which I have been always looked onto, especially by train. Every journey is like a new story by itself. At the station platform itself you can see it happening. Every person there, every living body is a story, having their own reason, motive for the upcoming journey.

Some of these journeys can change your life as well. The way you think, the way you react, almost everything. Same happened with me as well. I was going home from after like 4 months of college. I study in one of the magnificent colleges of the southern India, a college with its own culture. Culture called Manipal. But that’s a different thing all together.

I love travelling. Meeting new people, talking to them, knowing them, it has been like a hobby. One I met a beautiful lady (believe me, she was beautiful) in her early twenties, who used to travel regularly on the Delhi-Jaipur root, as she owned a business company in Delhi, and one in Jaipur. Also was running her own NGO for children and women. Once when I was travelling on waiting, I had to sit outside the seating compartment, where I met some people, who became friends for life, one of whom is with me in college. On the same journey, met an old lady and her grandson, travelling to Delhi, that was the time when I had the best fish in my life. She told us about her experiences, her belief in Jesus, and the things which led to that belief. How she and her grandson always carry a Bible with them, and how it changed their lives. Her grandson was a genius, a beautiful soul. How beautiful bible can be, I learned from them. And once, I met a girl, who told me about her friend, his life and how her life was related to him, I always wanted to write about that journey, will write, someday, maybe.

Seat no. 23 , side lower, sleeper, not confirmed, but under RAC, RAC No. 21. RAC is reservation after cancellation, I don’t know what exactly it means, but I know that with this, you are allowed to travel under reservation, and you have to share a seat with someone. On the seat in front of me, hmmm, like a stupid teenage guy, I always wished, rather prayed, that I get a company of a girl, but it hardly happens. This time, there was this old man, in is late 40’s  maybe, lose white shirt, a light blue jeans, kind eyes, and a black strap-like-thing on his left arm holding a book, on yog or something. When I pushed my luggage under my seat after boarding the train, he didn’t move. Only his eyes did, look up and they were back on his book again.

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