Some of the odd news stories I found being reported this week included the results of the following poll.
A random sample of 1,137 US adults was taken between November 7th-10th, here below were some of the findings.

When asked which musical act that its members were no longer with us (in whole or in part), that most Americans would like to see perform in concert one more time. Coming out on top were The Beatles, followed by Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and then Mozart. The Beatles had 22 percent of the poll, Michael Jackson 20%, Frank Sinatra 18 and Mozart 14percent.

Of the people polled when asked if their life was interesting enough for them to be given a reality show 25% said yes, the other three quarters of those polled were firmly against the idea.

When asked if who they would like to raise their children if something were to happen to them preventing them from doing so themselves, 44 percent chose ‘some nice couple from Iowa’ rather than various celebrity or actor couples. Will Smith and his wife polled best out of the famous couples with 25%, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi polled just 7%. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 6%, while Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was the choice of only 3%.

The most annoying thing for Americans was other drivers driving slowly in the fast lane. Cell phone conversations in restaurants was next followed by spitting in public. (If spitting in public particularly annoys anyone I suggest they never visit China then).

The festive greeting of the Christmas season will soon be upon us once again. 71 percent express the sentiment of the season with ‘Merry Christmas,’ 23 percent say ‘happy holidays’ while 4 percent are happy to express ‘Bah! Humbug!’ to all they meet.

33 percent of those polled worried about Google and Yahoo having their personal information, 14 percent were most worried if the US government had access to their information while 13 percent were against banks and credit agencies being allowed to access this information. Another 33% stated they were not too worried about who has their personal information.

Finally what US landmark would you like to see moved to a foreign country?

Those taking part in the poll said the Hollywood sign (26%), Elvis Presley’s Graceland (18%), Washington DC was next popular for being moved with 14 percent of the poll, while 12% would like to see Disney World moved to foreign shores.


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  • dino renaldo on Dec 2, 2010

    nice share

  • Guy Hogan on Dec 2, 2010

    I’m surprised by a few of these, but then I shouldn’t be.

  • UNMESH on Dec 3, 2010


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