Much as reactions, mostly negative, came out regarding the main cast none surpassed my personal disappointment than when just a few days ago Wonder Woman’s costume came out.

This new generation is going to be presented with a new Wonder Woman. Coming from a time that was privileged to be graced by her presence I’d say it’s about time.

However after the main star’s choice of an Adrianne Palicki and this recent unveiling of her costume Wonder Woman is bound to be a character figure that wouldn’t live on in anyones memory forever.

rom a place and a generation that accorded me awareness of this mythical figure through her television series she is first and foremost a real character to me than the comic book character she originally was. With the now alteration of comic book superheroes’ stories to make it more exciting on film and even on TV neither the TV heroine version nor Wonder Woman’s cartoon adaptation had been any sort of disappointment in my then-young developing mind.

Though t
he character first saw light on DC Comics1941 comic book, saw TV appearances from 1975 to 1979 though her television series and only saw regular cartoon exposures thereafter via Super Friends and Justice League this Amazon with super powers did take a hiatus and a long one after that.

Born through the vision of creating a “distinctly feminist role model whose mission is to bring ideals of love, peace and sexual equality” Wonder Woman’s powers range from having superhuman strength, incredible speed, a notably proficient skill in hand-to-hand combat and a magnificent knowledge in the art of tactical warfare. She uses her Lasso of Truth and has her indestructible bracelets as shield. Her head of thick, wavy, raven hair is set off by a tiara and she gets around in her invisible airplane.

If young girls are made aware of the idea of a feminist icon at such a young age this comic super heroine is to blame.

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