Past Hair.

Research Indicates Thymus Microzymas Prevent and Regenerate Hair

Two clinical studies in 1991 and 1992 for the Darmstadt City Hospital Dermatology Department enrolled 20 patients struggling with alopecia areata totalis et universalis. The study participants used thymus glandular extract shampoo and conditioner for twenty-four months and also this appeared as the result:

1) 65% or 12 patients had new new hair growth about the scalp and/or the rest in the body.

2) 40% of such or 5 patients had complete remission of these alopecia.

3) Baldness went away in the average of sixteen months and upon follow-up hadn’t returned in any form.

4) Other Scientific research of Thymus Dr. M. Hagedorn, in a very third published paper through the Dermatological Department with the Municipal Hospital in Darmstadt, Germany, had this to say, ‘It has been confirmed that hair loss is usually stopped and growth of hair reactivated in the event the roots remain intact. Studies on patients who were losing hair due to alopecia androgentica showed the thymus extract treatment was successful in 94 percent of ladies and 67 percent of men. 

Therapeutic success ratios increase with longer periods of treatment.

Therapeutic Successes Against Alopecia Androgenetica & Alopecia Areata Research results by Dr. Moessler and Prof. Dr. Hageorn are as follows:

1) 51 patients with Alopecia androgenetica and 16 patients with Alopecia areata were treated with Thymus extract over twelve months.

2) 67% in the men and 100% from the women with Alopecia androgenetica benefited with new regrowth.

3) 85% with Alopecia areata triggered partial or full re-growth of scalp hair Cytotoxic Hair thinning Study Dr. Claus O. Keohler, former Chief from the Department of Medical and Biological Informatics on the German Center Research in Heidelberg, Germany, conducted aninvestigation on 251 cancer patients helped by cytotoxic agents. 

The Professor Keohler used thymus extract as a method to avoid chemical baldness. Just read was the final results:

1) There was clearly no hairloss for 68.5 percent of patients over age 60 and 58.9 percent for patients under age 60.

Dr. Young may be researching baldness and hair regeneration over 2 decades. He’s applied his alkaline lifestyle and diet and now his newly released Head pHirst hair shampoo and Top pHinish hair conditioner to clean and heal the scalp, regenerate new hair, preserve existing hair also to keep new and existing hair fit and strong. The Reversal of Baldness has become a 2010 Personal Journey more than 30 Years for Dr. Robert O. Young!

The reversal for male and/or female male pattern baldness just isn’t a conference but an activity of months as well as numerous alkalizing and energizing your body with:

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