About life…

When is the life I live going to go back
to normal?

When is it going to go back to what seemed so dull at the time.
So iggnorant.

I’m chasing things in my head that are pointless.
Things that don’t exist.
And hopefully never will exist.

What’s the point.
The answer to my own question is right in front of me.

My life is never going to be the same…
Never. This feels strange and un-explainable.I’m tied up with a straitjacket full of anger.It wont let go.It wont let me scream out. And I can’t seem to open my eyes to non-fiction anymore. I just want a fairy tale ending for one chapter in my life.Just one.That’s all I’ve ever asked for. No one seems to make an effort to see this through.Am I not worth this?This one wish… And I seem to be letting go of my own reckless dream. It’s turned into darkness.Nothing less of a nightmare. CLOSE YOUR EYES ONCE MORE.

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