Now its time i begin, to start the layin, of  the bricks, on these dicks, to shut them up, the public is fed up, with all the lies, we dispise, everything you say, time to get blown away, cuz im here today, and im gunna stay, just busting in, dont front with him, snatch your ass away, leave the past at bay, we gunna straighten this out this day, so don’t say, no more lies, i told you i dispise everything you say, what the fuck im just saying hey, you dont have to make me feel, like everything i do doesnt apeal, now you will see me for real, as i reveal, the sick steal , that i was hidding my my waist, its time to blow this place, i will erase, every discrase, to the human race, fuck all you in the face! But dont try to erase, what i have in this space, because they are just words, not like little white turds, usin the n word, oh yeah i heard, stupid little faggot, shouldnt be such a maggot, and feed off other people, what you probably think we are equal, but when we spittin a rhyme, you see i have a different kind, on a different plan, but that just cuz im insane, and no i aint playin.

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