This is the answer to a creative challenge- to make a story, poem, or essay out of ten random words. Look for them in the story!
1) Member 2)Supreme 3)Consequently 4) Gift 5) Closing 6)Winning 7)Hope 8)Alarm 9) Content 10) Tie
I hope you enjoy!

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It’s been three weeks since college started, and already she was a member of at least two clubs, and a few other things for fun. College, for now, was fun. As she had chomped into a freshly made supreme pizza, courtesy of the cafeteria, which wasn’t half bad contrary to popular belief, she realized there were some serious perks to college. However, she knew her jeans were getting a little too tight, thank you addicting pizza.

“Being on my own is really nice”, she thought. The very first day when she moved up to college, she exchanged gifts with her new roommate Cassandra Teating. Becoming quick friends, after they unpacked, they had wandered around the town, finding all the best coffee places, shopping, restaurants, and hangouts. 

The next day, the whole dorm had participated in an icebreaker tournament, resulting in a lot of laughing, cheering, and competition from the males of the dorms. Luckily, her team from the 3rd west wing won, letting Sara, Cassandra, Hope, and Tiffany walk away the owners of multiple gift cards, ready and waiting for a shopping trip, and a date or two to local diners.

Thinking back to all those things wasn’t doing much at the moment though. Right now, dorming at college isn’t the most fun thing to be doing. Why, you may ask? Because the dorm decided to run a fire drill at two o’clock in the morning.  Blowing on her fingers, Sara wondered  whose bright idea THIS one was. Sure, it was an Autumn night, but it still gets a little nippy after dark. “The most horrible wake up is with a fire alarm,” she thought to herself. Where in the content of the dorm handbook was the midnight wake ups?!?

Thankfully, Cassandra wasn’t there. She had picked this weekend to go home with her family back in Lowell. When Cassandra had started talking about her family, she had shown Sara pictures on her cell phone of her little niece and nephew, and her older brother and his wife.

Remembering the smile on Cass’s face, Sara smiled as she attempted to tie back her hair out of her face. A loud voice rang out through the night, calling all the students in.

“Just another day in paradise,” Sara thought as she walked through the front doors, towards her warm bed.

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