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Hi Everyone,

We all have some or the other work to do in our lives. Some do business, some service, some job and some study and other works. Many times we become so much involved in these that we fail to realize that their are people who needs ur care and love. We become very busy in our lives. And slowly what happens that they(who needed our care and love like parents,wife,children,friends,etc) adopts it in their lives and searches someone else to share their feelings and get that care. And this leads to breaking of relations and when we realize it, its too late. Soon we also search someone else for that love and often that one loves you just for getting their works done and here we are cheated. And at last we just loose all hope and go to a psychiatrist.

And this is very common in big cities and developed countries like America.

So i would just say friends, don’t just get lost in your works because if u have family with you loving and caring with full heart then u can start another work or business but u can’t get a truly loving family by business.

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