People have strong religious beliefs but I argue that this “strong” belief is actually a weakness.

Everyone has a right to their beliefs and whatever religion they believe in. This is a fundamental principle of democracy and one that I wholly support. As long as your belief doesn’t bring harm to anyone, I respect your believe it.

Having said that, I consider religion to be a weakness. And by religion I mean every religion and every branch of every religion. This includes Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Scientology.

Why would I say this? Because I believe religious people fall into two categories – those who have it drummed into them from childhood and those who are converted. We will examine these two types of religious zealot later on but first it’s necessary to define the nature of religion itself.

What Is Religion?

Religion is the belief in one or more mythical, almighty, power beings that possess powers beyond the comprehension of a normal person. This sounds somewhat harsh but nonetheless true – it’s inarguable that there is no proof of an existence of an almighty being other than in the collective mindset of the religious devotees.

In less enlightened times, religion served two purposes – it helped to make sense of the world because it explained the inexplicable (God’s will being the answer to most things!) and it allowed those in the upper echelons of society to control those below them (normally by saying they were appointed to their position by God or that they were living Gods).

The Types Of Believers

Because Mum And Dad Said

There are many people, in virtually all religions, who have their belief system thrust upon by their parents. I was “christened” as a Roman Catholic and so was my brother. The reason for this is that my mother is a Roman Catholic and being from an Irish family so were her parents and their parents and so on. The Roman Catholic belief system was forced upon them by generations and they have never thought to question it.

This happens in other religions – we see Moslem children brought up by their parents to be Muslim, Jewish children brought up by their parents to be Jews and so forth.

These people are weak because they never seem to question their religion, or if they do they don’t question it deeply enough. The reason I say this is because they continue to believe it and anyone who questions religion will actually find that their religion does not hold the answers.

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  • A believer on Dec 16, 2007

    thanks for the laugh.

  • Lou on Jun 24, 2008

    In addition, it should become an offense to propagate religious beliefs in a public place other than a place of worship. By this I mean those people who stand in town and city centers playing religious music and telling us that God and Jesus loves us or those who get in the way of others by handing them leaflets would be committing an offense.

    Acts of worship should also be banned in all state funded institutions, including schools and local government.

    I have to disagree there as the freedom of choice should always be there. Religion should be free to choose and if they want to give up there saturday to hand out leafets then thats there chose. I think schools should have religion but only as far as assemblies unless its a religious school

  • Eva on Sep 27, 2008

    I disagree. it is a right of parents would not let me to to church. my childern asked questions I could not answer I studied the bible and learned the answers.How can you live without God in your life?please take the time and look into the Bible.there you will find a God of love john 3:16 is a good scripture to start with. see also matthew 6:9.

  • rachel on Oct 15, 2008

    this was the gayest thing i have ever read.

  • Dave on Jan 7, 2009

    Eva, I am your opposite, I grew up in a religious household, and I would not want my children to be brought up the same way. I don’t want to program them with a religious belief like I was. Religions can be hard to leave and can cause you to feel guilt over nothing, and to fear the nonexistent. My children aren’t going to go through that. They are going to grow up to be good children, because I will teach them well, but I will tell them to question and to be critical of claims from people that say they have all the answers. They will be smart, well mannered, critical thinking children.

  • Sam on Jan 7, 2009

    what a ridiculous article! You would like to make it illegal for people to air their beliefs publicly? Hmmm better shut down the internet and stop posting on here with your beliefs then, I mean what you are asking is for freedom of speech to be banished, right?

    Just one more thing, you argued that religion is a weakness because as the example you gave, \”prayer actually makes them more dependant on their unfounded belief\”. How does this weaken somebody who has faith? If they believe in something, unfounded or not, then practicing their faith is going to do nothing but make them a stronger person. I\’m going to give you a totally ridiculous example but its the first thing that came to me so stick with me; someone with an OCD feels the need to wash their hands 10 times before they can leave the house, totally irrational to most us, but to this person it is their firm belief that if they dont do it something terrible will happen to them. They do it every time they leave the house, no harm to anyone and they carry on their day in a positive frame of mind. Deny that person their daily ritual and what would happen? Of course there is no higher risk of anything bad happening to them but mentally they would be going through torment and it would certainly make them weaker for not following their belief. So my argument would be that in following their strong belief, whatever belief, it actual makes the person stronger and not weaker as you have suggested.

  • Niels on Sep 4, 2009

    Paul has a good point here though he brings his point in a really anti-religion way. If you read this contest with in the back of your mind that there is not god, there is no other explanation then Pauls. I disagree with Sam\’s post becaus Paul is talking about people who do prayers. I think Paul means that the prayers make the believe in god stronger but if there is no god, it makes the person believe in something that dosn\’t excist and so weaker. This shoudn\’t be a discussion about weather there is a god or not, it is if relegion makes you weaker or not.

    My uncle believes in God, and he dislikes people who don\’t believe in it. He told me when i was 12 that i am weak becaus i didn\’t belive in god. If you say that to a 12 year old boy who coudn\’t even choose to believe or not you must say that relegion is a weakness.

    The #1 killer in the world will alway\’s be relegion
    There have never died so many people for something but relegion.

  • megan on May 5, 2010

    i think this is the best thing i have ever read. good for you to say what you believe. all these people are arguing that they wont get freedom to believe what they want so why shouldnt you? that crazy person trying to CONVERT you is just as bad as you trying to convert them. i think that people should be able to do what they want. including you! if you dont want to believe in anything you dont have to. i also believe in facts and what to see it for myself. let me ask you all posting comments on here… have you ever met god? have you been to heaven? well when you do come back and let me know how that goes and than maybe ill consider “converting”.

  • Agreed on Mar 7, 2012

    This article points out everything i’ve been thinking. It frustrates me so much that people devote themselves to some being that may or may not exist. Stop using religion as an excuse and take responsibility for your own decisions.

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