Road Rage – When Does it Get Out of Hand?

Road Rage – When Does it Get Out of Hand?


 It’s a safe bet that all of us one way or another has bared witness or even worse been involved in a road rage altercation. Either it’s getting cut off by another vehicle or someone attempting to drive right over you, because god forbid you drive according to the speed limit. Or maybe it was getting driven off the road because somebody needed to get their coffee?
   Believe the fact that if you entertain the Road-Ragers you might be another statistic in the road rage turning to fatal outcome. With the increase of stress, anxiety and worse of all selfishness, the drivers are actually willing to kill each other to prove a point. They need to get where they are going and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process.
   In Janesville, WI there was an altercation between a 45 & 30 year old. They crossed paths in a dispute at an intersection. The fight between the 2 individuals lead to one of the men getting so aggravated to the point where the individual raised his fire arm and opened fire on the other guy ending his life. In result, one family lost their father in death and another family lost their father to imprisonment, this all over a traffic violation.
   Another instance was in Texas where a passenger was shot to death because the driver cut someone off behind them. The women driving said she accidently committed the cut off, and that’s when the tailgating and shooting began. The passenger was killed and it seems to me that the trend has been upgraded from gestures to deadly force. Another Texas instance was when a 19 year old Houston man was charged with a fatal shooting of a 22 year old man over an exchange in an intersection. The altercation escalated so out of whack that one of the individuals not only shot the other person, but did so multiple times.
   In Georgia, a woman was at a red light which turned green and apparently she did not react fast enough for the driver behind her, the driver behind her honked on the horn and so the women returned the honk, you wouldn’t believe that the driver behind returned it with a bullet. The bullet thankfully missed her but got her 4 year old in the back. In New York, a Brooklyn driver was shot and killed during a heated road rage argument. The individual was calling on the other driver to shoot him, trying to call him out and guess what; he got what he wanted….Dead. In San Francisco there was a situation where one man was gunned down along with his 2 sons. It all started by one of the drivers giving a dirty look which spiraled into a heated argument and then the other opened fire on all the people in the car. Both the father and a son died and the other was left in critical condition.

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  • Jswana on Jul 27, 2012

    Oh my. It takes me back to two young people, married I think, on their way to work at one of the Big Cookie companies, maybe Nabisco or something. They could have made a hand gesture to a man that impatiently honked and he killed them both dead on the spot. There were witnesses. Great job you did here.

  • elee on Jul 28, 2012


  • Lynn Hollis on Jul 28, 2012

    So many angry people on the road today. Sometimes it is probably best not to confront them and drive away with your life.

  • Matt Freeman on Jul 30, 2012

    Thank you all for the comments. The times that I look at people in a different light is when I see kids in the car. Its like the driver is making that choice to put their children in danger just so they can get to the next red light!!

  • Matt Freeman on Jul 30, 2012

    Or when their is a passanger in the car, i wounder what they think, i know I would be like…take it easy, we will get to where we need to be.

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