How many of us can boast having two parties for the same birthday ?? Well Robin can.


There aren’t many of us who are given two parties for one birthday.

However Robin Davies did; and on Saturday night we enjoyed a surprise party for him at our local Rugby Club organised by wife Sheila!!

What a brilliant night was had by all with a local folk band and compere Dewi Pws which won’t anything to most of you but he is a well known Welsh celebrity/comedian.

Robin’s face as he walked into the club was indeed a picture of total surprise and shock !! Brilliant !!!!

A wonderful night.



Yesterday (Sunday) the garage was decorated (by myself and Dai)ready for another surprise barbecue for the birthday boy.


Robin arrived this time again in total srprise ; I never knew we could all be so sneaky ha ha!! However it was worth it just to see that look of total shock and disbelief on his face once more.



Dave presenting Robin with a card and gold watch brought by the staff at Robin’s Taxis.

Dave has worked at Robins for over twenty years and still does for six days a week at the grand age of eighty-four years old.

A true example to us all !!



Happy Birthday Robin.


We all know Robin

From far and wide.

He tells his jokes

As in his taxi we ride.


We remember them all

But can’t always repeat.

At least not in this poem

Or I may lose my seat !!


From humble beginnings

His business did grow.

Today he stands tall

The star of the show.


Three cheers for Robin

Hip hip hip hooray.

How the drinks flowed

For the man of the day.







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  • Molly Girl 822 on Aug 6, 2012

    Sounds like the perfect birthday.

  • Melody SJAL on Aug 6, 2012

    What a wonderful birthday.

  • lauralu on Aug 6, 2012

    Love the cake, great share

  • Rhonda Humphreys on Aug 6, 2012

    How Nice!!

  • Jswana on Aug 6, 2012

    Robing is such a fortunate man! :) He sounds deserving of a beautiful poem and some lovely parties. It’s good everyone were actually quite sneaky and creative too! Nice story/Poem….

  • Jswana on Aug 6, 2012

    I meant everyone ‘was’ not ‘were’ so…… :)

  • smokychristine on Aug 7, 2012

    Looks like a good time was had by all. Your tribute is fun.

  • sabanawaz on Aug 7, 2012

    amazing and lovely tribute

  • shefaliarora on Aug 7, 2012

    Sounds like the perfect birthday.

  • Eiddwen on Aug 7, 2012

    Thank you so much to you all for taking the time to read and comment.
    Each one is greatly appreciated..
    Take care and enjoy your days.

  • Raj the Tora on Aug 7, 2012

    Sounds wonderful and makes me feel to be there! Belated birthday wishes to Robin!

  • Moses Ingram on Aug 7, 2012

    A perfect birthday! Thanks for a good share.

  • elee on Aug 9, 2012

    brilliant article and nicely written

  • Stessily on Aug 9, 2012

    Eddy, Such a lovely birthday celebration! Thank you for sharing Robin’s birthday parties with us here on Triond.
    Appreciatively, Stessily

  • Eiddwen on Aug 12, 2012

    Each and every comment is greatly appreciated. Here’s to so many more posts to share on here.

  • Tiki33 on Aug 14, 2012

    Looks like everyone enjoyed the celebration. Thanks for the share!

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