Sexy smells are likely are the most powerful stimuli known to people working on the senses.

In humans, olfactory organ demonstrates a different sensitivity. For some it is barely functional, whereas the other dominates the other senses: I mean first of all celebrity chefs, wine tasters, as well as individual professionals perfume industry, without which it is practically impossible to evaluate or create a new composition of smells. Olfactory sensations are very important but, unfortunately, is often underestimated element of sexual life. People who are completely “blind” to smell, able to catch up, if it is serious will be engaged in the development and improvement of their olfactory abilities, which they endowed nature. Smells – one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs sexual partners. Often, the individual smells complementary portraits of human as well as your favorite tunes, firmly laid in memory. Catches, for example, the familiar smell of women’s perfume, you are instantly in the imagination make bette familiar image, and before you come to life associated memories.


Showering kisses a loved one, you are confronted with a “bouquet” a variety of odors. Women since time immemorial value most clothes and incense. Few of them pays attention to the beauty of the sound of speech or manner of speaking, but each wants to be unlike any one else in the world dress and proper only to her irresistible fragrance.


Culture of incense has almost as old as the history of human civilization. Particularly rapidly it develops to the east, in ancient Asian and African civilizations, and particularly in India. During the archaeological excavations carried out there scientists have repeatedly come across the description of the preparation of different spices, as well as artfully made vessels to store them.


In the poetic fragments of the Old Testament “Song of Songs of Solomon (4-8 century BC. Er.) Praising love Shulamith shepherdess to her lover (she rejects him for harassment of King Solomon), we see how passionate outpouring of characters intertwined with the description a variety of fragrances of flowers and plants. For example, Shulamith, praising the beloved says, “His cheeks – flower spices, as sweet flowers: his lips – lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh.”


He, in turn, pays tribute to her following slovami6 “locked garden – my sister, my bride, enclosed pit, a sealed source; Thy plants – an orchard of pomegranates, with pleasant fruits; camphire with dresses. Nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with all sorts of fragrant trees, myrrh and aloes, with all the best flavors. ”


Shulamith also not willing to remain in debt: “While the king was at his table, my spikenard published its fragrance. Myrrh beam – My beloved is unto me in the vineyards Engedskih. ”


When reading the Song of Songs of Solomon gives the impression that lovers are literally drowning in floral scents, which play an important role in the relationship.


Odors can be divided into two main groups: the smell of men and women.


Women’s smells exude a variety of floral scented substance. It is a bouquet of floral aromas in various combinations and combinations and so-called forest smells: from the fir trees and such wild flowers and plants such as thyme, chamomile, mint, etc. They also include heavy scents “Oriental” fragrances: the oil from the sandalwood, myrrh, spikenard and other plants.


The group consists of men’s fragrances: lavender, amber, musk, lemon, as well as grass with a sharp, spicy flavor (for example, the smell of oil from balsam). They are best combined with the smell of male sweat, and some flavors that distinguish the endocrine glands in men. The smell of musk is often used to emphasize the male sexual dignity. This product was obtained in the rut of glands located in the genital area muskrats. Animals lures that smell of females.


Now we can not complain about the lack of sales of certain aromatic substances. Cosmetic industry provides the consumer the sea scents and flavors of which are quite difficult to choose the most appropriate and necessary. Woman and a man surrounded by a variety of perfume: perfumes, colognes, scented powders, bath salts, facial creams, hand and foot, etc. And they are spreading so many smells that build some of them – the bouquet is simply impossible.


Women, for example, know what is wrong chosen combination of perfume, wash and shampoo can give a result very unpleasant smell. Large cosmetic companies have taken note of this and trying to solve this problem on the agenda, started to produce a cosmetic set.


The next thing you need to pay attention when using different aromatic substances – their number at hand. The woman, laced with spices, to the extent that it extends over their ten-loop, causing panic in others, especially in summer. An elegant woman, who is able to use perfume, makes a man feel the power of this formidable weapon only when he kisses her and brings her face close enough.


It must be remembered: the skin of each person has a characteristic odor. Causing cosmetics on the skin surface, we call a kind of chemical reaction between the smell of leather and there or other aromatic substances, the result is a combination of two flavors. If the cosmetic or fragrance agent is correct, then it gives even more attractive to the natural smell. But if you made a miscalculation, the smells begin mutual “war” from which the first losers around.


Smell – like the outfit, hairstyle or style of behavior – emphasize the originality and unique charm of each woman. French, for example, tend to create the most unusual and unique combination of odors by mixing various spirits. Many of them have secrets of this art. Our grandfathers, too, knew how to do various “smelly” tincture using dozens of different herbs and plants, preserving the secrets of their manufacture.


Perfume created by women for his own recipe – a combination of several aromatic substances. Bottle of spirits enables it different from all other women in the world – because of “their” odor can not be bought in any perfume shop. Thereby affecting the stronger sex, the woman instinctively uses methods borrowed from nature – is seeking to “lure” smell of a partner.


Depending on the whims of fashion, temperament and above all about the natural smell of leather, which is mixed with the scent of perfume, a woman must choose the “its” smell or “cocktail” of smells and strictly stick to it, keeping him faithful, since otherwise it is difficult to count on consolidating certain reflex partner.


Selected smell – an integral part of the sexual appeal of women – should attract a partner. Aroma inherent favorite, repeated in her clothes, linens, bedding, associated in the minds of men with the image of his woman. The familiar smell of not only evokes sensations experienced love, but gradually begins to play the role of the stimulus, causing the emergence of amorous desire. And There is a natural chain: the smell – sexual arousal.


Securing such a conditioned reflex means the emergence of yet another secret weapon of a loving woman. and more ways to capture – offbeat, attractive and unique is in its arsenal, the more difficult to seize another beautiful hearts of men, as it is already “hobbled” and has long fallen into the snare of strong sexual habits (including olfactory).


Retardation in sexual relationships inevitably impoverishes the world of feelings and mutual affection, and need to do everything possible to overcome the negative reflections on the smells partner. Fragrances that cause pleasant emotions, can gradually remove the block, appearing with the smell of semen or vaginal secretions. Selected for this purpose spirits must be used only during loving contact, using them mainly for the erogenous zones.


First woman wets the spirits of his neck, and chest hair, then the vulva and pubic tubercle. The smell should be associated in the imagination of a partner or partner with caresses and sexual arousal. Eventually enough of a smell of spirits, to feel sexual desire, as it turns into an erotic signal, the smell of natural female secretions, combined with your favorite perfume is also beginning to jazz up the man. Thus, we can gradually get rid of some unpleasant olfactory sensations.


I want to emphasize again that each flavor, used for sexual purposes, must necessarily excite interest in their own smells. Not ozhzhet woman or man to smell just soap and eau de cologne – it is necessary first to smell them. Therefore, I draw your attention to the need to comply with a sense of proportion in the use of perfumes.


Smell is – is, of course, is wonderful, but the question is, what emotions at the same time excited to partner: pleasant, unpleasant, erotic … It should be remembered that the pleasant smell depends primarily on hygiene. If you underestimate her, then get rid of unpleasant “flavors” will not help even the most expensive perfumes. And these smells have a very insidious property: a person who owns it, they are usually not felt. At the same time to others is sheer torture does not work, even the trained strong smell, though there are, of course, exceptions, and these people certainly easier to live.


Must ensure that your body from head to toe, exuded a pleasant and enticing aromas. There are several common methods. Let’s start with the hair. The desire to stroke her hair a favorite during the mutual fondling, kissing her hair, touch her hair while dancing partner is when they’re clean. Significant impact on the imagination renders as their luster, beautiful hair or fashionable haircut.


Dirty and untidy hair give, as a rule, foul smell of stale grease. Such hair difficult to comb, they stick to the head, with the impression that they are half the size than in reality. Touch, stroke, or not bring the Lord, to kiss – only “unappetizing” task that can kill a nascent love, or chill even the most mature sense of …


How often to wash my hair? It depends on the natural properties of hair (dry, oily), as well as the time of year – winter hair faster salyatsya summer more curly. On average, women need to wash your hair several times a week, and men – because they have hair shorter and faster drying – may resort to this procedure even more. To protect your hair from degreasing, you must use the most gentle shampoo. It is very important to give your hair a slight odor is constantly used perfume or cologne. That it was barely visible and focused only in moments of excitement, must immediately, after you have washed and rinsed her hair, lightly moisten their favorite perfume or toilet water, and then well wiped and dried. As a result of this little trick the head is not fragrant perfume every minute, but costs you a little – a little sweat, get under the rain, or hold his hand through his hair wet, you get the desired effect – the hair will start a nice subtle flavor.


With regard to body skin, it should be wet perfume or cologne with extreme caution. Men are not contraindicated immediately after washing and shaving rub the face, neck and hands cologne or toilet water. Women also enjoy better spirits when the facial skin is still damp after washing. A small amount of scented fluid behind the ears or neck – a very effective means of influencing the partner when he starts courting burdened only at a distance.


A few drops of perfume on the open neckline chest – and their reaction with flushed body creates a unique flavor, while stressing the beauty of cut-out dress. Artificial scents, no doubt, important for sexual attraction, but in no event should not dominate and push their own body odors. The aroma of fresh sweat appears on the surface of the skin during sexual intercourse, usually dostavlya6et fun partner, stimulating his sexual activity. This, incidentally, one of the signs of sensory stimulation.


I would also like to say a few words about the smell when breathing. Fresh breath gives a kiss even more charm. In the literature when describing the love scenes the authors often use expressions like this: “From her breath wafted the smell of fresh violets.” There are aromatic mouthwashes that give breathing proper “odor paint.


The adverse effects of halitosis on sex shows, for example, prescriptions of the Koran that allows a woman to divorce her husband if he has bad breath. The presence of such a provision in the Muslim holy book, which tells more about the privileges of men than women, shows the depth of aversion to people with bad breath.


In modern conditions rid of this lack entirely depends on the strength of human will. First of all, we must take care to preserve their teeth, in time to seal and remove the rotten roots that are not treatable. Regular visits to the dentist every 3-6 months – depending on need – not least, if not more important than visiting a beautician or barber. This applies also to men who do not like going to the dentist. The most common cause of halitosis is bad teeth, which we once cleaned with toothpaste twice a day. But sometimes it takes a more serious turn, for example, in cases where the odor is a result of digestive disorders or activity of the pancreas. Then see your doctor to a specialist and apply appropriate pharmacological agents that regulate the digestive tract. Permanent hygienic oral care, lips, tongue compulsory for every young person wanting to establish themselves in the heart of his lady.


Sweating is observed, usually under the arms. So I do not advise anyone to wet the perfume and cologne area of ​​the body with increased sweating (armpits, groin and other places) to avoid skin irritation or rash appears different. Women who wished to eliminate the source of odors, must daily shave under their arms (some useful to do so, even several times a day), after which these places should be cleaned with warm water and soap, and then use a deodorant.


It should be borne in mind that the smell of sweat and secretions of the sebaceous glands is particularly acute when a person feels nervous congestion, irritation, fear, etc. (this ability he inherited from his ancestors of tetrapods – animals, by the way, this mechanism serves a defensive function) , which confirms the need to take a shower after strong nerve shocks and stresses.


Shaving hair under the arms should be the rule, especially in the summer when we sweat more and wear open dresses, allowing prying eyes to behold is not very aesthetic appearance of these body parts. I wish to notice that the scent of fresh female sweat coming from carefully shaved and washed with underarm deodorant, pleasant and attractive smell, rendering such an erotically tantalizing effect on the partner, as well as all other natural scents, which appear at the moment of sexual arousal.


Thus, we gradually approached the smells, play a big role in love – to smell, published by the male and female sexual organs. It’s a natural smell, not a result of the neglect of personal hygiene, and is not the last place in the wake of healthy sensuality.


Particularly rich and varied smells issued female genital mutilation. Vaginal discharge consists of obluschennyh cells of the vaginal epithelium and mucus, impregnating her wall. Natural selection of healthy vagina has the consistency of milk and the smell of curdled. Lactic acid bacillus, which is in a healthy vagina “fermented” to be separated and thus counteract the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. The presence of dairy environment rod and they create an acid environment is a condition of the natural cleansing and disinfecting the vagina.


Traditional advice our grandmothers cleaned the vagina for hygienic purposes can not withstand any criticism, because when it destroyed its own bacterial – lactic flora and creates ideal conditions for various infections. Healthy woman in no case shall the rinse (dry) vagina, as this antigigienicheskaya and unsafe procedure. Of course, we are not talking about washing your doctor recommended during treatment.


In addition to dairy selections with the smell of curdled in a healthy vagina from time to time appears in a small number of clear mucus. It is abundantly released from the cervix during ovulation, as well as at the time of de intense sexual arousal.


In the area of ​​the prepuce, as well as in the immediate vicinity, at the base of the labia minora, are small sebaceous glands abundantly emitted during sexual arousal. intense smell of the discharge is usually associated with sexual activity, partner and has a stimulating effect on man. If a woman washes the labia with warm soapy water, then it may occur, redness and irritation of the skin as a result of fermentation, the mixture formed from the fatty secretions of the sebaceous glands, vaginal secretions and mucus coming from the cervix. It seems to me that without further explanation, obviously, what an unpleasant smell spread from such a “cocktail”. We must remember that sexual odors caused quite the opposite reaction partner, if a woman neglects personal hygiene.


So far I have talked about women’s health. It must be noted that there are perfectly healthy woman, the selection of genitals which has an unusually sharp odor. To them I would not recommend using soap when cleaning the same, or after a thorough washing with soap and water lightly to wet pussy with a weak solution of lemon or a boric acid as the acid reaction reduces the odor of vaginal discharge (alkaline soap, on the contrary, it increases).


It is curious that in the 16 century in the Arab countries as a means of neutralizing the unpleasant odors women, used lavender. The same application found these blue flowers our grandmothers, when put into a sachet and placed in closets, storing lingerie. Van de Velde in his book “The Perfect Marriage” comes to the conclusion that lavender in those days made up for the absence of bath houses. The aroma of lavender. Should become an assistant, not only women with a very sharp odor of natural selection, but also those who suffer from different disorders, or disorders of the reproductive organs.


Talking about specific women’s fragrances, you can not, of course, mention the smell of menstruation. Menstrual period requires twice the energy of women in personal hygiene. If profuse bleeding is necessary to change the tab more often and thoroughly washed away to the genital area had no blood, which has an unpleasant smell.


In some cases, as Van de Velde wrote in “Beautiful marriage”, the smell of fresh menstrual blood may sexually excite a man. This applies to those partners whose sexual proclivities have a sadistic tinge. I do not mean sexual perversion, and some specific deviations that fit within the boundaries of mental rules. Sexual intercourse during menstruation is not such a rare phenomenon in our days. I believe that here the role played by two factors. First – this exciting action smell of blood, and the second (there is a fairly large group of women) experience a rush of sexual excitability is menstruating.


Not once were the discussions on the topic: Is harmful to the health sex life during menstruation? The view, opinions range. Personally h found from my own medical experience and numerous conversations with their patients, that sexual intercourse during this period do not adversely impact on the health of women. By this I mean, of course, the partner that during menstruation carefully observe good personal hygiene.


Smells allocated different parts of the body of men, usually much sharper than that of women: why they preferred bath for toilet water, and various colognes. With great difficulty, a man allows himself to be persuaded that it is also necessary to wash. Just like a woman, he should wash for at least three times a day with warm water and soap and crotch area, anus, scrotum and penis, and then, after moving aside the foreskin backwards, thoroughly wash the glans penis, as it was in the area of ​​the foreskin, in the place where it connects with the head of the so-called bridle, accumulates a large number of smegma (a similar process of accumulation of precipitates observed in women in the clitoris and labia minora).


Furthermore, in skin folds, forming the foreskin remains trapped urine, while a regular sex life to them as well adds a certain amount of semen and vaginal discharge. All of this mixture, if it does not wash off with warm water and soap, starts to decompose and is excreted very unpleasant smell. In addition, it can lead to inflammation of the foreskin and painful swelling of the glans penis.


I recall a student who on one of my meetings with young people asked how to explain it to his partner that he needs to wash immediately before the date, as well as in love and caresses, the smell of urine kills the mood. Um … not so easy to answer this question. You can certainly recommend more often to bathe or have some fun together in the shower, but in any case should not affect self-esteem boys. I would suggest to resort to the purely feminine way – that is, to influence how a partner – something indirectly. No need to just forget that with systematic personal hygiene odor of secretions of the sebaceous glands and the male sperm is essential for sexual excitability women.


The degree of influence of the exciting smell sperm on the woman depends on the strength of emotional ties that unite the lovers. Odor beloved awakens her sensuality, while “flavors” emanating from the fan, not enjoying the location, cause irritation and even disgust.


Indifference or more hostile attitude towards genital odors usually observed in young lovers, which are characterized by underdevelopment of the olfactory reflexes. Over time, when certain smells are transformed into their minds to the signals of sensual pleasure, the attitude towards them is changing and they are gradually becoming a necessary stimulant.


Thus, in an intimate relationship binding and tact, and great tenderness in order to not alienate less experienced partner, forcing him too sophisticated (from his point of view) affection. In this realm of the senses, as in all that relates to love, you must carefully observe the reaction of the partner and vary depending on his prior sexual experiences and opportunities.

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