Do you ever feel that your loved ones passed are watching over you?

I have endured the week from Hell. I felt like the dog that had been beat. I had lost all hope in my situation.

While my grandmother was here with us, she enjoyed cardinals. “Redbirds,” as she called them. Every Christmas, I gave her cardinals. Anything that others would consider just a tacky nic-nac, my grandmother loved.

When she was dying, I was only able to see her twice as she was in the hospital. I always stopped at a gas station in Raphine, VA on the way home to my family. I found two cardinals nic-nacs, but could only afford one on the first trip. I bought it and gave it to her. On my second trip home, I bought the second cardinal. After she passed, I inherited her cardinal collection. Currently, the cardinal collection is at my family’s home in Virginia and its been out of mind until lately.

I walked into my workplace feeling wretched yesterday. Hopeless. The first thing that I saw was a miniature Christmas tree with a “redbird” sitting in it. The “redbird” was the only decoration in the tree. It lifted my heart for just a moment. I felt like my grandmother was sending her greetings. It made me smile. However, as I was leaving that night, I was surprised to be asked, “Do you want this?”

“What?” I asked.

“Well, we can’t have things like this here because they’re religious. We’ll get in trouble if corporate were to see this.”

My superior was getting rid of the Christmas tree.

“Well. yeah, I’ll take it.” I replied.

I smiled and took the small tree home as I left work. The Christmas tree with the cardinal is now here, with me, in my apartment.

My story may seem silly to many, but many would also see it my way. Many believe in angels.  I never thought I would be me. My grandmother still smiles on me to this day. That’s how I see it.

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