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Any finished creation begins with a moment of inspiration or “clarity”. Whether it be the passion to start a business, create a song or even write a book, these pursuits are largely fueled by inspiration.

From what I’ve found, most of my inspiration comes directly from the people and “world” around me. Slowly, I began to realize that a majority of my influence and inspiration behind everything I create, whether it be a photograph or a writing piece, comes directly from my life and the things in it.  When I started studying screenwriting and working on my first script I was living in an awesome house off-campus with a few really great friends. At that point I was also taking online classes so I had the time and environment that made it easiest for me to focus on new creative pursuits of my own.

As I began writing the script, I realized that the best stories I had to tell stemmed from the most simple yet unforgettable times spent with “inspirational” friends and family. In fact, I eventually realized that the simplest times spent doing something as simple as taking a hike through the woods or having a bon-fire on the beach could possibly be the inspirational sparks leading to any brilliant idea or pursuit. As I continued to explore writing and photography, I eventually found myself flooded with the craziest memories, some better than others, but all of which inspiring new ideas and direction. In the end, I always manage to find myself one step closer to realizing what I want to do and where I am going in life to find ultimate happiness.

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