This article discusses six types of personalities to avoid when forming friendships and relationships.

In the realm of interpersonal relationships, not all people make ideal choices for friends and companions. These toxic people will negatively affect your life and possibly your lifestyle. By learning the signs of some of the worst of these types of people, you can save yourself a lot of trouble as you pass through life. It best to simply not allow yourself to become close to individuals who exhibit the characteristics of toxic people. The six types of toxic people described here have broad aplications to many similar toxic traits.

Constantly critical people will keep you from growing.

Unfortunately, there are people in the world who are critical of almost everything and everyone. You will find it extremely difficult to please this type of person. Even if you succeed in making the person happy, he or she will be critical of you as soon as you leave the scene. Like most toxic people, a constantly critical person will erode your sense of self worth and well-being.

Some people are always looking for a handout.

This financially draining person is not necessarily poor. There are many poor individuals in the world that do not drain the financial resources of other people. Financially draining toxic people tend to have always left their money at home. They will never pick up a check. Often, they have need that they will make you feel guilty about if you do not try to meet it. In extreme cases, they will steal from you or scam you out of your money and property.

Avoid the persistent cheater in romantic relationships.

This type of toxic relationship can be with either a male or female. Their reasons for cheating can range from blaming the other parther to blaming you. The blame, however, is theirs. Their inability to keep from cheating is not something that you should tolerate or try to fix. Any attempt to help the other person to change is almost always going to end with a relapse resulting in heartache for you.

People whose personalities tend toward addictions are not good choices for relationships.

Whether the addiction is sex, pornography, drugs, alcohol, gambling, or any number of less evil seeming activities, relationships are not the strong suit of these people. Unless you are equally addicted to the same thing, attempts to maintain this relationship will usually lead to loneliness and frustration. The other person will treat the addiction much better than he or she will ever treat you. The addiction will drain time, money, and affection fro your relationship until the relationship dies off.

Physically and verbally abusive people are often the same person.

For the most part, anyone who thinks nothing of attacking you with words will not hesitate in the right circumstances to use a physical attack. This not is not simply someone who disagrees with you. An argument and verbal abuse are two different things. Regularly calling you a profane name, words like stupid, or other demeaning terms is at least the beginning of verbal abuse. Any unwelcomed physical attack is abuse. Unless you enjoy being hurt emotionally and physically, avoid allowing a relationship wit this type of person to progress beyond the acquaintance level.This person will be very possessive of you. Jealousy and control are hallmarks of their personality. They will question every detail concerning the time when you are apart. Efforts to limit your contact with all close friends and family will eventually surface. Any part of your life that does not revolve around them will be treated as trivial and unnecessary.

Anyone who works to limit your freedom is not a candidate for a long and meaningful friendship or relationship.

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