A friend told me that if you smell the odour of a skunk it is a sign that you will come into some money.

By Jim Swettenham

(c) November 27, 2009

I have a dear friend, she is a fan

Told me and now I’ve got a plan

She said riches come with smell of skunk

I’d never heard it and who’d a thunk

So I got to thinkin’ that in the dark

Her and I could go and spark

And in the process we could screw

Up the courage to find a skunk or two

Now I’m not really all that afraid

If by a skunk I should get sprayed

Eyes might water, my skin might itch

But would be worth it if I got rich

Oh, but then what is the use

I’d spend my money on tomato juice!

(In case you aren’t aware, a bath in tomato juice removes skunk odours – jimbo)

Liked it
  • lillyrose on Nov 29, 2009

    hahaha… I liked this fun poem! I don’t think I will get sprayed by any skunks as we don’t have any here. I would like to see one, I think they are quite pretty, well the lady one in a cartoon I used to watch as a kid did!

  • Rinks Desai on Nov 29, 2009

    I like your poem. Thanks for sharing.

  • drelayaraja on Nov 29, 2009

    Very funny.. Good one.

  • PhoenixRox on Nov 29, 2009

    haha.Jimbo don’t do it! Come sit in my stinky car and you will smell like a skunk..haha

  • cebuanaeyez on Nov 30, 2009

    This is funny! My family believes if you dream about feces, it is a sign that money will come in your way :)

  • LoveDoctor on Nov 30, 2009

    jajjajjaja. you are so funny jimbob1. Wow! That is a new one. never heard about skunk and getting rich. I am scared of squirrels, racoons so imagine skunks. Besides tomato juice, I am sure you could invest your money in other ways if not donate some of it to charity. Great poem.

  • DM PARKER on Dec 1, 2009

    Great poem. I like your word play… Moreover, as weird as it may sound, I like the smell of skunk after it has defused a little.

  • Dame Barbara on Dec 2, 2009

    I liked it a lot, lot, lot!!. If smelling a skunk would make you rich I would be rolling in it by now (money not skunk) ha ha. You have such a talent for story telling. I could listen to you tell stories all dadgum day and never get bored. Now write me some more, Please!

    Seriously, I enjoyed it and everything else I have read that you have written. Keep up the good work friend.

  • Aiyanna on Dec 4, 2009

    Really nice one Jimbo, good taste of humour in this :)

  • mo hoyal on Dec 6, 2009

    Ha, ha Jimbo, this was a real hoot and very well crafted. I guess since I had to wash my dog in tomato juice about 2 weeks ago and then the other night again, the cats upset what must be a resident skunk, that I shall become very rich indeed, hopefully so anyway. What I’d do with some of my wealth would be to buy a large amount of land, build a compound and have a spot for my own mum and then a large place in which to ride my beautiful mare, Lolly!
    Good, good poem!

  • PhoenixRox on Dec 11, 2009

    LOL. Still as funny.

  • Diane Ziomek on Mar 13, 2011

    I think that is an old wives tale. My dog got sprayed then he killed the skunk. I think the only people who got any money after that one was the local store when I bought air fresheners so I could stand to be in my house. Poor puppy couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t pet him. Great poem Jim!

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