This artical demonstrates that over time obscure ideas can eventualy become acceptable.

This article is about perseverance towards ideas that at first seem unthinkable. It includes ideas relating to our government, personal life, and businesses.

In most cases, when a ridiculous idea is presented it is at first denied because of its obscurity. However, when it is slowly brought forth, (instead of all at once) that is when it becomes both acceptable and ideal.

Think of a lie for instance. When we were younger were told not to tell lies because they lead us to telling bigger ones. Now before we tell our first lie, that idea doesn’t sound like it would make sense. Once we are into lying however it is completely acceptable because we’ve slowly adapted to using that concept.

Years ago when cars were made of solid steel and weighed more then 2 tons, we would never have considered making cars that crumble because they are made of aluminum and plastic. But because of safety precautions, over the years car companies have slowly been make cars more and more so. They do this to make them safer and more affordable. This is a good way of doing it of course but we would not have thought in depth like that 60 years ago.

Abortion is another category were this concept of time applies. Back when our country was being birthed, both citizens and government would never have allowed unborn babies to be disposed of. However over time that idea has been worked at and is now both active and accepted by some. (Some people still do not accept it as “OK,” just like with the analogy with car bodies.)

I hope these circumstances have helped you to see that our mind set can change if we are only given enough time. (If you disagree with me at first, this concept may grow on you over time. Wait and see.)

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