Is there going to be snow?

 What can snow be described as? A ball of water released from a cloud which is frozen into a crystal white flake? Well there are millions of definitions for a snow flake but can it be defined when it is going to come down? Nope only meteorologists can define that for you and I myself aren’t a meteorologist. I am just here to state that in some places snow isn’t going to be a word anymore. New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and all the other northeast states aren’t going to get any snow. For the past 2 years it hasn’t snowed very much, about 2-3 inches maximum. This has been a disaster for some parts of the state. People have been waiting for snow almost every year and find out that it doesn’t snow. Something that I found out is that on a random day in March it started snowing, and it snowed up to 3 ft of snow covering all the roads. I think it was at random and don’t believe it will happen again. I am not sure about other places on the world but I believe that soon winter will not exist and it will just be a regular fall day. Due to the global warming I think that the world is heating up and preventing the formation of snow in the clouds. So yes I doubt there will be snow this winter or the year after that.

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  • Soltez on Nov 22, 2009

    nice article! but is Pennsylvania going to get snow?

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