When Snow White, Jaime and Megan Fox run away from the step mother, all sorts of things happen, they start to prank people and get into all sorts of trouble.

But can they deal with all?

Read to find out.

   Once upon a year not that long ago, there in the far off, beautiful and stunning land of Vegas, where the bright light of casinos, restaurants and clubs flashed right in front of you that it seemed likeheaven. As the huge sun slowly went to bed, the little moon came out to give the city some light, but in Vegas there was no darkness because the light of each and every store is always turned on, WASTING ELECTRICITY! When all the colourful lights are turned on, people rush out of their houses like wild animals just to have fun in the GIGANTIC city! In that crowd there were three little girls who were taken away by the mob. Those three girls are stepsisters, named Snow White, Jaime, and Megan Fox. Snow White, the eldest and most deformed stepsister, had dirty blond hair, freckles, and HUGE zits all over her face. Snow is known as “The mind” because she is the one that makes the deadliest prank plans that not even Edison could think of. Jaime, the second grotesque stepsister, had skin so pure white that you could see her blue veins and when you gently touched her hand you could stop her blood circulation. She had blonde, shiny, greasy, and dirty hair that when look at her head from a mile away, you could see the lice in her hair jumping and partying. Megan is the youngest stepsister out of all her stepsisters. She looks really cute, but deep inside she is really a devil. She’s got big green cute pussy cat eyes that everyone falls in love with. In the huge crowd of the city you could see three ugly girls and right behind them was a tall, young, delightful woman running trying to catch up to her daughters, from the crime they had committed, and right behind her was a BIG fat police man running after the Stepmother. Here is what really happened:

            Once upon a time on the rich side of Vegas there lived two rude little girls who had just lost their mother in a car accident. Their father, a nice, polite young man, was the king of the casino, meaning that everyday he left his two monstrous daughters at home to go and play some poker at the casino. One, day as Jaime and Megan were pulling a prank on the neighbour, their dad came slowly with a nice, tall, skinny, woman behind him. As she walked in, her fragrance filled the room with joy and happiness. The questioning look on the two sisters stiff wrinkly face made him talk,

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