About the joys and pains of bleach.

Why would you bleach when you don’t have to?

Sure in those soiled grimy slimy dirty dingy, who knows what larks beneath the black dark crevices of the crease of the folds, who knows?

Could be:

A sweetheart of a little kitty, jumping up and down black-jack cat.

A hot-rod swinger of a swinger, swinging a baseball bat.

A raving lunatic fly-by-night cat chasing cat of a rat.

A weird toothless scratching post backsides drunken ,who can’t get up from falling down bum.

Or, it could just simply be somebody dumb.

And all of these things need to be snow-white bleached squeaky clean, for cleanliness is next to Godliness and you know what I mean.

As a matter-of-fact, that is documented 100% proof fact!!!

So if this documented 100% proof is spoken, you’ve spoken 100% ” Truth”.

Sure I know what you mean about keeping things in Godliness squeaky clean condition; however, that’s not my petition.

I know there’s a bleaching agent in your fluoride almost toothless toothpaste.

Who knows, a pageant for the beauty/hunk glowing smile could decide the beauty/hunk pageant running life’s living upright race smile,

A show- stopper of a smile also an eye popper and a jaw dropper. A smiling mile long smile seen near and far-far away because you brushed your teeth every single soul filled day. Then a head start you will have for that future day in your hair-care hair daring-wearing way day. So, please handle with the greatest of all great care.

A few streaks of light to bring brighter highlights to your 3rd eye highlights.

Presenting a stop the show “Hallelujah”glow.

From the heavens above to the earth below, that’s where Love grows.

Love grows all in all for us all.

And You know I know what that means.

For You said be sure to keep all things always squeaky snow-white clean.

And You have always said one thing for sure, Your “Love” almond joys are for every he-man, she-woman, sweet little girl and snake in the pocket little boy.

By Your command, things must be bleached squeaky mouse clean when you play with your fully grown grown-up and or baby wind-up toys.

Pick-up some spray to keep the lice and bed bugs away, it will make for a much brighter, happier day and it will help keep the doctor a get far-far away.

For Adam’s delicious apple alone, won’t make a home-run hit just a miss. An Adam’s apple a day can’t alone keep the Doctor Kildare’s who really care a game delayed because of rain away.

Of course God only knows why you’re asking the $64.00 question. Why would you bleach when you don’t have to?

He-Himself has also asked time and time again that same apparently unanswered question I’ve put to your fellowship with fellow-man/woman.

Bleach has fan-fantastic fans in bleachers bleach bleaching Peyton’s place-place.

But when bleachers bleach is used out of order it’s a disturbing disturbed disgrace.

Bleach is not a good consumption for the wild-animal kingdom or for the super-human race.

So share the question once again to help others better understand the ways of your fellowship with fellow-man/woman.

Why would you bleach when you don’t have to?

Why would you bleach cream-of-wheat whole wheat bread to bleached white-bread instead?

Why would you do that?

What took oh so long for cream-of-wheat whole wheat bread pizza to come on the scene?

And how come, come now come, it took so long-long legged long to share this with me?

The bleaching delights never did invite food to any bleach flavors let’s savor players part-time game.

Take-out for take-out take-in sea-sickness food causing food poisoning and excruciating gangrene window pane pain to the whole gang.

So why would you bleach when you don’t have to?

Address:  Ephesians 4:24

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  • Jasin on Jan 9, 2009

    Nice work.

  • M Ashley on Jan 10, 2009

    This may just be one of my most favorite poems ever! Excellent! Amazing talent you are! Thanks for sharing.

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