A speech of Gratitude.


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      Distinguished guests, teachers, dear parents, fellow graduates good morning!

      Today marks the 25th commencement exercise wherein we the batch 2005-2006 of (name of school), are here to reap the fruits of our labor.  And with that, many individuals were part of it. Like our teachers who served as our second parents, to our beloved parents who gave all their unconditional support and love and to God who gave us all the talents and skills in order for us to develop it to the fullest. 

       Furthermore, In behalf of my fellow graduates, I’m here in front of all of you to pay our gratitude to all the persons who contributed greatly in preparing us to enter our elementary years. We want to thank you dear teachers for all the patience in teaching us the ABC’s in school, for constantly reminding us the right conduct that was first taught by our parents.   Dear fellow graduates, truly they deserved our love and respect for they were always been good to us.  We also want to give our special appreciation and thank you to our beloved parents who selflessly give their full support, for always loving, caring and bringing us up to become a good individual.  And to our sovereign God, we thank you for letting us see His beautiful creation and being a part of it.

      To my fellow preschool graduates, let us congratulate ourselves for surviving the first step of our journey in life and the things that we learned will surely help us  as we continue our journey …

      Thank you very much and once again have a blessed day! 

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  • sara20 on Apr 28, 2010

    Nice to read your Article, Keep writing more about it. Is is really Graceful and very well written skill. Thanks for sharing.


  • jammaekas on Apr 28, 2010

    thank you sara for all your comments.

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