Well, I may sound crazy to some, but I do no deny that I "see" dead people. For a long time I declared myself in the mental ward. So I do not mind those who critise my sixth sense at all. But when I start telling about some presences I do feel around those sceptics, I did spoke some out. Fact: I could tell about a dear beloved they had on the other side, whitout me possibly knowing a thing about it.

For a long time I hated myself. I was the weird kid.

Yes, I often had visions of things that were to happen, that could not just be explained within the usual scientific boundaries of the human mind.

The things I saw were not always great and I often got scared. Mostly I saw heavily mutilated corpses around me, that others did not. This was frustrating.

I just wanted to be a “normal” kid and kept snaring all the “corpses” away.

Later I found friends that had spiritual interests and learned about spiritism and how the soul would survive from beyond the grave.

The idea of us having an immortal soul did match with all religious theories all over the world and so far I discovered that there were many great scientist, who were also great believers. Even Albert Einstein assumed there might be more between heaven and earth than just material things.

It also struck me that I discovered that some people, who call themselves ghosthunters go out with hi tech gimmicks and do catch strange readings, like orbs. Some may believe they are just reflections of dust or water in the air and I will not declare them as ghosts myself, but they might be material elements they may use to show themselves, or give a sign of life.

Cold spots, or sudden unexplainable temperature drops … Electromagnetic activity … they do read things.

Strangely it is so that I often get cold when I “feel” a presence. Also my hair crawls up, while I just raised the heating.

Now spiritism is a belief in life after death and the fact that there are still souls of people gone around us. Some may find it bullshit and I do understand, because as a kid I always believed all other kids could see the same things like I did. Not so …

On the other hand: I also read a lot of theories from mediums who declare spirits as just people without a body and that death does not always change a person’s personality.

So a dead criminal can still be out to do no good. That is why I do presume that children might find a boogie man in their closet. Some still love to shock and scare and kids are just easy victims, since they are more open to the other side and yes, less experienced in life than adults.

Also I discovered that there are also good people on the other side, that still like to help and protect even from the other side. They are what many mediums call spirit guides. Why does folklore talk about guardian angels?

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