Details about creative thinking.

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creative thinking involves four distinct stages-preparation,incubation,illumination and verification.

1.The stages of preparation:This stage consists of purposeful study and enquiry in order to collect experience and information needed to solve the mystery.

2.The stage of incubation:Following the preparatory stage,there is period of rest when there is no obvious acivity and progress.The person organizes and tests his ideas.This period involves vicarious experiencing of the problem.Flashes of insight and trial judgement occur.Mind continues its search.It seeks to uncover new relationship among familiar facts.The problem is solved unconsciously.

3.The stage of illumination:During this stage,the individual suddenly perceives the theme and new relationship among the various components of the problem.This results in the solution of the problem.

4.The stage of verification:During this stage the new theme is checked out to determine whether the solution appeared through insight is the correct one.The individual rethinks,revise and refines the solution.

Levels of creativity

There are five developmental levels for creative personality.They are

1.Expressive level:This level is characterized by spontaneity and freedom.This is typical of children at the early childhood.

2.Productive level:On the basis of expressive creativity,the individual acquires certain ways,techniques and expressions for his idea.

3.Discovering level:The individual discovers something new from past knowledge.New problem situations are revealed,which the less creative individual will not notice.

4.Innovative level:At this level,on the basis of the comprehension of the principle of cause-effective relations of problems,the individuals make innovations and improvements in what already exist at a high level.

5.Emergency level:At this level,previous knowledge and notions are restructured leading to the emergence of new theories and trends or a new school of thought.this level is attained by only few people.

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