Stop piracy be Honest.

Piracy is the unauthorized duplication of an original media for commercial gain without the permission from the original owner.  PIRACY is a criminal activity. Some people do piracy to gain money by selling those pirated media in cheap rate from its original price. Doing so they will get profit but they harm the original owner.

For example: we all know about Microsoft Windows Operating System. If we purchase a genuine licensed copy from Microsoft then we will get some benefits like free online support and updates. Thus our computer will be safe from hacking attacks by using genuine softwares. So it costs more.

On the other hand, we can get a pirated windows copy which seems to be original but it fails in Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA). i,e, we can’t get online support and updates. Besides, our computer will be more vulnerable to security threats, viruses and hackings.

So please stop piracy and always use genuine products. Again remember, PIRACY is a punishable activity. Be a good and responsible person by using genuine products always. Thank you..

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