Upon which Summer resolves to walk on for his sake.

“Summer, please stop shutting yourself up here.”

She unburied her face from her pillows and looked up. Her older sister, Hannah, was leaning on the door jamb and was looking at her with a mixture of pity and disapproval, with disapproval taking the upper hand.

“I will, soon enough.” Summer slumped down again and buried herself more into the covers and pillows on her bed. “Just let me be for a bit.”

“For a bit?” Hannah snorted. “You’ve been acting like a lost zombie for almost a week and I think you’ve had enough moping about like this. The act is getting old you know.” She approached her sister’s bed and pulled off the comforter. “Get up, go take a long shower and do something else, take yourself somewhere, anywhere, just get out of this room.”

“Will that help?” Summer asked rather stupidly. Hannah’s right, she’s acting like a total zombie. She sighed.

“If you let it help, then it just might.” Hannah answered practically. She pulled off a towel from the hook behind the door and threw it unceremoniously to her sister’s face.

Summer shuffled off her bed. Every move she makes feels so laborious; it’s like she’s always tired. If she could have her own way she would stay on her bed and just sleep—sleep it all away and forget. But Hannah was right. She needed to stop moping around. Life goes on after all and so must she.

“Feeling better?” Hannah glanced up as Summer came out of the bath. She ran her eyes over her sister’s figure with concern. She had taken at least twenty minutes soaking in a hot shower; usually, she would look so relaxed after a hot bath but this time she still looked so haggard. The usual lively glint of her eyes were still absent, replaced by this blank, haunting stare; she didn’t walk with that characteristic spring in her step, she shuffled tiredly instead.

“A bit, I suppose…” Summer rasped out as she ran a comb through the tangles of her wet hair. “What’s next?”

What’s next?

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