Super powers? you have got to be kidding me… right?

Super powers.

On reading this title, you where probably like this.

But, If you read any of my other articles, you know that I hardly joke about matter, and I have concrete evidence to support most of them.

This topic is no exception to that rule.Super powers have manifested themselves into a variety of places, in various forms.Now I don’t mean flight, or heat vision or ice breath.But these power’s are strong enough to be called “super”.

When the word “super”, we always seem to go for the extreme view.A guy dressed in tights, blowing the heck out of the world in general.

You get the point.But, due to this, “comic conception”, we often fail to notice the extraordinary powers in the real world, some happening every day, right below our noses..Lets start off with one, shall we?

The spider sense.If any of you have read the “spider man” comics, you will probably know what this is.To those of you who don’t, well, lets just say its a early warning system in your mind, which warns you whenever danger is approaching.Like a thief alarm, but 2 steps ahead of any villain, miscreant or highway man.But do you know, that many animals posses the same power.Dogs and cats, can sense a natural calamity hours before it actually occurs. Tsunami’s, earthquakes, you name it. They bark and make noise, and try to escape to higher ground.They are attuned to nature at a level we can only dream of attaining.So the next time you hear your pet making a ruckus, look out the window will you? 

Super strength.The power of a 1000 men.Able to lift the heaviest of objects.Well, if your looking for a being that possesses super  strength, I suggest you look down.Case in point, the Rhinoceros beetle.This beetle can lift, a mind shattering, 850 times its own weight.Lets take that in human terms, to better enforce my point.An average, healthy male weighs about 90 Kilograms.Now let’s multiply that by 850 shall we?Whats the result, you wonder? well, there is no need, for it is a staggering 76500 kilograms.That’s as good as holding a couple of soviet tanks on the palm of your hand.

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  • Storm on Oct 31, 2009

    uhh uhh I have always liked the tv program with the super heroes, the pic you used up there, its just awesome :P

  • STEVE666 on Nov 2, 2009

    Good article, agentX.

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