Who is best.

Swagbuck Vs. Points2shop

Which one of these are best? Which one is wroth my time? Which is the fastest to earn points to get prizes. Which is has the best prizes? 

Well for me Swagbuck and Points2shop are the top dogs. On where to get free stuff at online. They both are pretty fast on getting enough points. But who is faster. Points2shop is faster. You have more chance to earn100 + points a day. If your do you thing you will quickly earn enough for something. Twice if not faster then Swagbuck.

Now swagbucks has something points2shop doesn’t you can earn points aka swagbuck by doing online searches. but normal you only earn about 10points a day doing that. Normally you can earn about 16-50swagbucks a day. As you can tell it will be faster to earn points with points2shop however there will be days where you only earn just a few points. But normal you always out do swagbucks. So points2shop Wins this one.

Who has the best prizes with swagbucks you can e-gift witch they do have more then points2shop. They also have playstation3’s games. and Jewelery. However points2shop out does Swagbucks once again. How you may ask well you can get anything you can find on Amazon.com. So if you don’t know amazon has just about anything you can think of. And normal has what you are looking. So ponts2shop win this one as well.

Now by all means i not saying swagbuck is no good. they are a wonderful site. I do very much enjoy using this site. It just that with points2shop you get to you goals when it come to stuff you want faster. I use swagbucks everyday I am done earning my swagbucks within 10minutes.

Also for you in UK. points2shop would work allot better you guys. Do swagbucks doesn’t have many thing you can get in there. 

Also you can earn cash with points2shop.<a href=”http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=mommy0709″><img src=”http://points2shop.com/images/promotionbanners/users/points2shopbannergamford2.gif” border=”0″/></a>

<a target=”_top” href=”http://swagbucks.com/refer/mommy0709″><img alt=”Search & Win” title=”Search & Win” border=”0″ src=”http://prodegebanners.sitegrip.com/images/swagbucks-468×60Alt4.jpg”></a>

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